Ways to Give : Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Nantucket Historical Association tax-exempt?
A. Yes. The NHA is a private non-profit organization. The NHA was issued a ruling in June 1934 as exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Further, the NHA is not a private grant-making foundation because it is described under Section 509(a)(2).

Q. Is my gift to Nantucket Historical Association tax-deductible?
A. Yes! This means that the NHA can devote 100 percent of your gift to education and public outreach. Contributions to the NHA, including gifts to the Annual Fund, are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Membership dues are tax-deductible, excluding the value of membership benefits as detailed in the membership materials.

Q. How do I make a gift of securities to NHA?
A. If you wish, you may contribute securities (stocks) to the NHA instead of cash. For some people with highly appreciated, low cost-basis securities, there are tax advantages to contributing securities instead of cash. You may deduct the mean, full fair-market value of the securities on the date of transfer to NHA from your regular income taxes, with certain restrictions. If you are planning to donate securities, contact your broker and/or financial advisor for assistance. You may also call the NHA's Development Department at 508-228-1894, Ext. 114 or email us at .

Q. Will my company match my gift to NHA?
A. Many companies recognize the importance of their employees' support of education, human services, and arts and culture by offering to match employee contributions to charitable organizations. Some companies also match the value of volunteer hours contributed by their employees. Matching gifts are a great way to provide extra support to the NHA if you are making a monetary gift. Contact your company's Human Resources or Personnel Department and ask if there is a matching gifts/volunteer hours program. Complete the program form and send it to NHA along with your contribution, and we'll do the rest.

Q. When is the best time to make a gift to Nantucket Historical Association?
A. The NHA operates 362 days a year, so we always welcome your support. Our fiscal year ends on December 31, so it's a good idea to make your gift to the current Annual Fund by then. Many donors find that the end of the calendar year is the best time to make a gift. Gifts made by December 31 can be deducted from your taxes due the following April 15. It is often beneficial to make a gift of securities or appreciated assets at year-end.

Q. Whom may I contact regarding a gift to Nantucket Historical Association?
A. If you have questions or need help making a gift to NHA, please contact the Development Department at 508-228-1894, Ext. 114, or email us at . We're always ready to assist you.

Q. May I restrict my gift to a special project?
A. The NHA seeks support for a wide range of activities and projects. Most donors choose to give to the Annual Fund, NHA's yearly drive for unrestricted funds to support the daily operations. However, if you wish to restrict your gift to a special project, you may do so. For additional information, please contact the Development Department at 508-228-1894, Ext. 114, or email us at .