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MS15 - Ships' Papers Collection
Collection Overview: Arranged alphabetically by ship, these papers include bills of sale, insurance policies, surveys of loss, crew lists, cargo inventories, wages, supplies and lay transfers.

Historical Note: Nantucket Island, until the early 20th century, had always relied on ships for her survival. During the whaling era, great sailing ships traversed the oceans in search of whales. When whaling became unprofitable, many ship owners refitted their ships to carry cargo and passengers on trans-ocean voyages or, during the gold rush, to California. “Coasters” sailed along the Eastern seaboard moving freight from one port to another including Nantucket. These “Coasters” provided food, fuel and other necessities for the Island. Beginning in the early 19th century, Nantucket was also serviced by steamboats. Steamers provided a daily connecting lifeline bringing passengers, mail and other goods from the mainland.

Summary note:"Abbie Bradford" Schooner: Reel 69 1) Bill of Sale, Joseph B. Macy to George Parker, April 26,1867 2) Receipt for outfits and repairs, George Parker to Joseph B. Macy, May 27, 1869

Summary note:"Abel M. Parker" Schooner: Reel 69 1) Bill of Sale, Josiah Freeman to Edward S. Fitzgerald, March 28, 1891

Summary note:"Active" Ship: Reel 69 Correspondence re: French Spoliation Claim, 1885, 1891

Summary note:"Alabama" Ship: Reel 69 1) Orders for disbursements to the crew, June 1851

Summary note:"Alaska" Bark: Reel 69 ALS from Capt. Charles W. Fisher to friend concerning voyage. At sea, March 4, 1874

Summary note:"Alexander" Ship: Reel 69 1) Certificate of damage, n.d. 2) Dimension of spars (1821)

Summary note:"Alice Knowles" Bark: Reel 69 1) Reprint from the Morning Mercury, Aug. 1932, entitled "True Story of the Loss of the Alice Knowles"

Summary note:"Alligator" Ship: Reel 69 1) Insurance policy, July 22, 1802 (photocopy included) 2) Insurance policy, Aug. 14, 1804, for Micajah Coffin for vessel and cargo around the Cape of Good Hope and return, Nantucket Marine Insurance Company. 3) Purchase of wreck goods from the sloop "Dolphin," 1804 4) Bill from John Pease to David Swain, Master., Nov. 25, 1807 5) Bill from South Wharf, 1807 6) Bill to Gilbert Coffin, July 1810

Summary note:"Almeda" Schooner: Reel 69 1)Newspaper clipping about wreck,.Feb. 26, 1881

Summary note:"Alpha" Ship: Reel 69 1) Typed excerpts from the journal of Capt. Joseph Congdon (kept by Alexander G. Coffin)1837-1841 2) Shipping Paper Nantucket 1846, signed by Charles W. Rand: Joseph W. Folger, Master June 29, 1846-1850. [Framed] 3) Addition to crew, Nov. 10,1848 4) George Marshall invalided, Nov. 13, 1848 5) Discharge of crew, Tahiti, Nov. 13, 1848 6) Changes in crew, Hawaiian Islands, Nov. 12, 1849 7) Shipping Paper, July 7, 1855. Crew Members: William H. Caswell, Jabez S.Hinckley, David Cathcart, Jr. Isaac Barlow, Joseph Simons, Joseph S. Hussey, Alexander R. Hull, Reuben Holmes, William Henry, Jacob Alphett Coles, Isaac Berry, Edward C. Swain, Hiram G. Smith, William Allen, Keno Petel, Thomas Backstay, Henry W. Briggs, Louis Kieffer, James A. Meighan, Joseph Apher, George W. Wood. (two papers attached): (1) Crew members added March 8, 1856 : Manuel d'Yristo, Joaquim doye du Reya, Frank Corwin, Thomas--, John Lorenzo, Antonio de Soie; (2) Promotion of William Allen, Bay of Islands, New Zealand, Dec. 29, 1858. On Display 8) Account Current and Interest with Edward W. Howland, Agent, March 4, 1875

Summary note:"Alto" Bark: Reel 69 1) Excerpts from the journal kept by Mary Harris Nye, Nov. 19, 1864 to Oct. 5, 1866 2) Copy of ALS from Frederick Buce to Washington, D.C. concerning rescue efforts by "Alto" 1866

Summary note:"America" Ship: Reel 69 1)Port receipt to F. W. Luce (in Spanish)

Summary note:"Amy" Bark: Reel 69 1) Bill of Sale, Joseph B. Macy to George Parker, May 7, 1866

Summary note:"Ann Pennock" Schooner: Reel 69 1) Protest, Lisbon, Oct. 21, 1802

Summary note:"Ansel Gibbs" Bark: Reel 69 1) Photograph of Head Board for ten members of the crew

Summary note:"Antelope" Steam Ship: Reel 69 1) Testimonial from passengers bound from San Francisco to Panama, Oct. 24, 1850 2) Outward Foreign Manifest signed by Enoch H. Ackley, Master, Nov. 12, 1850 3) Testimonial from passengers, April 4, 1851

Summary note:"Antoku-Maru" Cargo Ship: Reel 69 1) Inventory of cargo, Nov. 1867 (in Japanese) Food, charcoal, cargo, clothing, etc.

Summary note:"Apphia Maria" Bark: Reel 69 1) Condemnation in Valparaiso, March 28, 1859 to president of company in New Bedford by Edmund Macy, Nantucket, Aug. 2,1859

Summary note:"Atlantic" Ship: Reel 69 1) Bill for repair of sails, Nantucket, July 20, 1825; Reel 49 neg.:014 2) Receipted bill for supplies, Nantucket, July 1, 1825; Reel 49 neg.:014 2.50) Notations made by Owen Spooner when developing "Sunset Longitude" while aboard the "Atlantic" Circa 1841 3) Promissory note from James Athearn to P[hilip Howland] Folger, May 10, 1842 4) Mutual Safety Insurance Company to James Athearn, May 10, 1842 5) Bill of Sale, James Athearn, Aug. 16, 1842 6) Pacific Bank account, July 31, 1843 7) Receipt for part payment of bill from Dan Jones, 1843

Summary note:"Aurora" Ship: Reel 69 1) Fragment of ALS charging the captain with endangering the crew, n.d. (transcript included) 2) Bark "Aurora" Clipping describing letters sent to Captain Joseph Marshall, incorrectly claiming Marshall was not Master of any vessel named Aurora. Inquirer and Mirror, November 29, 1941

FOLDER 18.50
Summary note:"B. Cummings" Bark: Reel 69 1) Photostats: ALS Spooner Jenkins to Tucker & Co. At sea, June 12, 1856 Praises Capt. Smith, "A.R. Tucker" Reports fall of Henry Edwards Page from log, Nov. 14- 17, 1854 Page from ledger

Summary note:"Baltic" Ship: Reel 69 1) Bill of Sale for one eighth of ship, Philip H[owland] (Howland) Folger to John H. Shaw, May 20, 1839 2) ALS from Colby Clifford to the Pacific Bank regarding claims to oil, New Bedford, April 24, 1843; Reel 499, Neg. :013

Summary note:"Barclay" Ship: Reel 69 1) Bill of Sale, Griffin Barney to John H. Shaw, Sept. 17, 1839 2) Bill of Sale from Griffin Barney, William Barney and Reuben Barney to John H. Shaw, Aug. 30, 1843 3) Shipping Paper signed by James Mitchell, Nantucket, Oct. 28, 1847: Eben Baker; Henry Baker, James F. Chase, Jr., William Burdett, George C. Coffin, George Jackson, Cyrus F. Barnes, Thomas O'Hara, Jos Cato, William J. Brownell, Thomas Wheler (Wheeler), George G. Carlton, Peter Monaghand, William Milland, John Campbell, Francis E. Bruget, John Bowie, Merit R. Freeman, Jacob Raymond, N. L. Hudson, Charles Henry Chadwick, Jose Benday, Benjamin A. Chase, Antonio Battroter, Josef L. Connacker, Timothy Connacker, James Mecia. Attached to the Shipping Paper is a sheet listing those seamen who were discharged: Manuel Flores, John Silva, George Metoe, Charles Nichols, Jesse Whitehouse, James Pike, Cyrus Barnes, Thomas O'Hara. 4) Changes in crew, Dec. 4, 1848, Navigator Islands 5) List of crew members, July 9, 1851, Chile Attached: List of crew members, July 11, 1850, Navigator Islands 6) Demands for payment against Baker Cook and Co., 1852

Summary note:"Bedford" Ship: Reel 69 1) Nantucket Inquirer article, May 4, 1839: "Thirteen Stripes," n.d. 2) Newspaper account, as delivered by E. A. Stackpole, n.d. 3) Newspaper account, n.d.

Summary note:"Bohio" Bark: Reel 69 1) Bill of Sale from Joseph B. Macy to James Austin, July 8, 1868 2) Request by I. H. Folger for oath of ownership to George Parker, Nantucket, July 14, 1868

Summary note:"Bonaventure" Sloop: Reel 69 1) Permission to depart issued to Tristram Gardner, Nantucket, Feb. 22, 1783

Summary note:"Boston" Ship: Reel 69 1) Typed history of ship

Summary note:"H. M. S. Bounty": Reel 69 1) Copy of original survey plans, 1787

Summary note:"Bourbon" Ship: Reel 69 1) ALS in French [to Capt. Latham Paddock, 1822]

FOLDER 26.25
Summary note:"Brewster" Extract from voyage, 1 page

FOLDER 26.50
Summary note:"C. W. Morgan" Bark, Reel 69 1 page from Capt. Jones A. Hamilton's journal giving longtitudes and latitudes and whales seen. 1859

Summary note:"Cape Horn Pigeon" Bark: Reel 69 1) Advance due George R. Hull received from William Potter, signed by Lydia Hull, Jan. 6, 1870 2) Advance as agreed received from William Potter, Jr., Nov. 1, 1871

Summary note:"Castilian" Brig: Reel 69 1) Inward Foreign Manifest of cargo taken on board, Havana, Oct. 19, 1858

Summary note:"Catawba" Ship: Reel 69 1) Shipping Papers signed by William R. Easton, Collector, Dec. 21, 1843 - William Coleman, Captain, Albert C. Morse, George Deacon, Thomas J. Coffin, Charles Sickles (Disc., sick), David Sanders, Harry Brown (Died 6/l/44), John C. Bunker, Columbus Gardner, George W. Hamblin (Left), John Wilkison (Disc, sick), Gideon M. Molley, Jacob McChesney, John Ma--, Silas Butler (Left), John Hugh, John Laforest (deserted), Joseph Peck (Disc., sick), William H. Wheeler, Alexander Lopes (Left), John Brown, Jack Allen. Additional lists: Talcahuano, Chile, June 13, 1844; - John DeRose, Warren Dunning. Samuel M. Heartman (Left), Charles Steward (Left), Peter Paul, Robert Ripley (Disc.), James Ward (Left), Edward Welch (Disc.), John Badul (Left), James Page (Left). Callao, Oct. 13, 1840; Richard Hempstead, John L. Godnee,* Sabres Williams, *Luther B. Johnson, *Manuel Jose, *Jose Sosa (John Saza), John Smart (crossed out), *Daniel Conger, *Joseph Baker, Edward S. Upham, *Pedro Gomez (Peter Gomez), *Luis (Lewis) May, Joseph Pounds, *Francis Martin, Stephen Moran, *Thomas Williams, Jose Dolores? Landeta (crossed out), * L.M. Blake, *Alden A. Batting, *George Naylor, *Samuel Ayling. * - on discharge list. Talcahuano, May 26, 1847 - Peter Maui, Henry Gray, John Silva, Manuel Jose, David Tibbats, Albert Reynolds, John Williams, William Farrall (Farrell), James Brown, Thomas Comet, William Sullivan, John Smith, Jack Jones, George Coffin, Alden A. Battey, Thomas /? Otohieta . Paita, Peru, Sept. 10, 1846 - Adam Gaston. Notice of desertion, May 25, 1847 - see * above. Discharges, Talcahuano, Chile, May 26, 1847 2) Instructions for handling crew to William Coleman, Master. Dec. l843 3) Mutual Safety Insurance Co. policy, Jan. 26, 1844 4) Assurance policy to George S. Wilber, Jan. 28, 1850 5) Lists of crew added, March 20, l855 - March l857 6) Record of payment received by Paul H. Delano, June 3, l884 7) Bills collected from named crew members, n.d. 8) Receipt for medicines, n.d 9) Note concerning pilotage, n.d. 10) Bill for beans. n.d.

Summary note:"Charles" Ship: Reel 69 1) New England Marine Insurance policy to Capt. Graften Gardner, Jan. 7, 1812 2) Bill for labor by R & A.M. Folger, Sept. 2, 1820

Summary note:"Charles and Henry" Ship: Reel 69 1) Whaleman's Shipping Paper [George F. Joy, Master], Dec. 21, 1836 (from Edgartown, second voyage) George F. Joy, Charles B. Swain, Joseph Marshall, Peter H. Hutch, Abel Norcross, Jack Coffin, George B. Coffin, Thomas B. Davis, John Spicer, John Layne, Haim Shind (?), George Adams, Joseph Batchelor, Thomas Benson, Joseph W. Woods, Francis Barrett, Henry Wright, William P. Hazell, Domugo Relles, Charles Carroll, John Williams (line through name) Samuel Williams, James Daniels, Thomas Egan, George Moore, Samuel Wheeler, Henry Joy (or Yery), William Jardine (Jerdine), Louis Tilland. 2) ALS from George F. Joy, St. Jago, Jan 1, 1837 (typescript included) 3) ALS from George F. Joy, off shore, Sept. 12, 1837 (typescript included) 4) ALS from George F. Joy, Tahiti, Dec. 26,1837 (typescript included) 5) ALS from Berya Batcheldor to the captain, officers and crew relating to the death of Jeremiah Batcheldor, killed by a whale, and inquiring about a Samuel Smith, Raymond, New Hampshire, Dec. 3, 1838 (typescript included) Also penciled reply by Charles G. and H. Coffin concerning Samuel Wheeler 6) ALS from George F. Joy, Oahu, Dec. 24, 1839

FOLDER 31.50
Summary note:"Charles Carroll" Ship: Reel 69 1) Promissory note signed by Zenas Coleman, Nantucket, June 1, 1840 (see also folder. #171)

Summary note:"Charles W. Morgan" Ship: Reel 69 1) Sample manifest 2) Bill of Sale from Thomas A. Norton to Charles W. Morgan, April 21, 1845 3) List of whales raised on board [1884] article,"The Whale"

FOLDER 32.50
Summary note:"Charlotte" Brig, Wilmington FOR SUPERVISED RESEARCH ONLY!! Pass signed by James Madison, President, March 14, 1815

Summary note:"Chesapeak": Reel 69 1) Insurance policy on goods belonging to Reuben Baxter, London to New York, June 7, 1799 (with wrapper)

Summary note:"Chester" Brig: Reel 69 1) Agreement for sale of cargo from Capt. Barzellai Folger to T. B. Nadau, Miquelon, West Indies, Dec. 18, 1778

FOLDER 34.50
Summary note:"Christopher Mitchell" Ship: Reel 69 Bill of sale, 1834, 1839, Rio de Janeiro, 1849

Summary note:"Cicero" Ship: Reel 69 1) Account of grounding under Capt. Eads at Great Point Rip circa Dec. 20, 1818 and mentioning cargo from India

Summary note:"Citizen" Ship: Reel 69 1) Agreement to perform duties, Nantucket to San Francisco, Nov. 29, 1849 [Oliver C. Coffin, Master] 2) Protest for damages under. Richard C. Bailey, Master, July 10, 1854, Honolulu 3) Report by Charles Jenkins of ice damage, Nantucket, Sept. 13, 1855 4) Excerpts from Capt. Richard C. Bailey's log

Summary note:"Clarkson" Ship: Reel 69 1) Amount of each man's bill in favor of ship's owners, June 20, 1828 2) Promissory note from James Athearn, Sept. 3, 1842 3) Copy of Register, Sept. 5, 1842 4) Bill for slops on account with Charles W. Coot,Sept. 7, 1842 5) Promissory note from James Athearn, Sept. 21, 1842 6) Bill of Sale signed James Athearn, Oct. 24, 1842 7) Schedule of property assigned by James Athearn to Pacific Bank, Oct. 1842 8) Bill of Sale, Peter Folger to Pacific Bank, April 26, 1844 9) Insurance policy signed F. W. Mitchell, April 5, 1845 10) First Survey, ALS to Charles Laurence, Master of the Whale Ship "Mary Mitchell," et al stating that Joseph C. Chase has requested a survey, Talcahuano, Oct. 17, 1845; survey and authorization of signatures included (2cc) 11) First Protest: ADS describing hurricane damage, Concepicion, Chile, Oct. 28, 1845 (2cc) 12) Abstract from the Protest 13) Statement of General Average and Partial Loss 14) Settlement for lay due Domingo John, Nov. 1842-Nov. 1845 15) Copy of ALS from Joseph C. Chase, Talcahuano, Nov. 1, 1845 16) Account of Domingo John with owners, Nov. 13, 1845 17) Charter party - agreement for shipping oil, Nov. 28, 1845 18) Copy of ALS from Joseph C. Chase to H. J. Defries,Dec. 23, 1845 19) Provision bill, Talcahuano, Jan. 4, 1846

Summary note:"Clarkson" Ship continued 1) Bill from Hopper. and Porter, Jan. 9, 1846 2) Second Survey, Jan. 10, 1846 3) Zerrano's account, use of yard etc., Jan. 12, 1846 4) Consular receipt, Jan. 13, 1846 5) Bill, Inez de lst Instancia, Jan. 14, 1846 6) Account of sale at auction, Jan. 15, 1846 7) Bill for board, Capt. Chase, Jan. 16. 1846 8) omitted 9) Account of Joseph C. Chase with ship, Jan. 20, 1846 10) Insurance policy by Commercial Insurance Co.,Nantucket, Feb. 4, 1846 11) Draft signed Henry I. Defries, Pacific Bank, Feb. 4, 1846 12) ALS to William Mitchell from the Mutual Safety Insurance Co., New York, Feb. 5, 1846 13) Insurance policy C. M. Cartwright, president, Feb. 13,1846 14) ADS authorizing Kelley to take possession of cargo from William Mitchell, April 23, 1846 15) Debits and credits in Pacific Bank account, signed William R. Easton, May 26, 1846 16) ADS regarding settlement of loss from Joseph C. Chase to owners, Nantucket, May 6, 1846 17) Receipt from William Cross for. proportion of oil, May 6, 1846 18) Receipt for money from William R. Easton by William Mitchell, May 9, 1846 19) Draft paid by Pacific Bank, May 9, 1846 20) Receipt from John Elkins, May 12, 1846 for coopering 21) Copy of Power of Attorney to P[hilip Howland] Folger, May 13, 1846 22) Memorandum of freight paid by each owner, May 14, 1846 23) Bill for carting from Richard Mitchell, May 19, 1846 24) Account of oil delivered, May 20, 1846; Reel 49:000 Neg. 25) Receipt from William R. Easton, May 21, 1846 for trucking 26) Receipt for trucking from French-Coffin, May 21, 1846 27) Receipt from Henry A. Kelley, May 21, 1846 28) Owners account in settlement, May 26, 1846 29) ALS John S. Tyler to William Mitchell concerning loss of oil, Boston, June 17, 1846; Reel 49:000 Neg. 30) Allowance of Capt. Chase's expenses, July 2, 1846 31) Joseph C. Chase's receipt, July 7, 1846 32) Affadavit of Capt. Joseph C. Chase, July 21, 1846 33) Receipt by John S. Tyler, July 25, 1846 34) William Mitchell's expenses to New York and Boston, Aug. 1846 35) Second Protest. Aug. 18, 1846 36) ALS from William Mitchell to A. B. Nelson, Nantucket, Aug. 29, 1846 37) Certificate regarding insurance policy by James Athearn, Sept. 14, 1846 38) Statement regarding insurance payment, Sept. 26, 1846 39) List of papers left with J. S. Tyler., Sept. 28, 1846 40) William Mitchell's expenses to. New York and Boston, Oct. 4, 1846 41) Cashier's expenses to New York, Oct. 20, 1846 42) ANS to William Mitchell regarding documents, Boston, Oct. 20, 1846 43) Statement of General Average and Partia1 Loss as result of hurricane [1843], Oct. 21, 1846; Reel 59:000 Neg. 44) ALS from Pell of the Mutual Safety Insurance Co., Oct.23, 1846 45) ALS to William Mitchell, Nov. 10, 1846 46) ALS from Haskell and Randall to William Mitchell, New Bedford, Nov. 17, 1846 47) Bill paid to William R. Easton, Nov. 20, 1846 48) Schedule of sperm oil delivered to sundry persons signed by William R. Easton, Nov. 20, 1846 49) Bill paid to Matthew Crosby for storage of oil and expenses, Nov. 25, 1846 50) Bill for expenses from William Mitchell, Nantucket, Nov. 25, 1846 51) Receipt from John S. Tyler, Boston, Dec. 22, 1846 52) Bill for storage from French-Coffin, Jan. 1847 53) Bill from John Elkins, Feb. 2, 1847 54) Account with Domingo John, Feb. 27, 1847 55) Draft from Pacific Bank signed by William R. Easton, Aug. 18, 1847 56) Account with S.B. Swain, n.d. 57) Memoranda concerning insurance, n.d. Reel 49:000 Neg. 58) Power of Attorney to William Mitchell signed James Athearn, n.d. 59) General and Partial Account, Pacific Bank, n.d. 60) Schedule of each man's share from cargo, n.d. 61) Insurance account, n.d. 62) Newspaper, "El Parquinto," page 4 (2cc) See also folder #161 (3)

Summary note:"Clio" Brig: Reel 69 1) List of Coffin School boys aboard and voyages [commanded by Lieut. A. B. Pinkham], Boston to Quebec, Sept. 17, 1829 to Nov. 19, 1829 and Boston to Rio Grand, Dec. 22, 1829 2) Typed copy of a partial report of the voyage of the Brig, written on the homeward passage from Brazil. Written to the Board of Trustees for the Coffin School. May 23, 1830. Original at Clemens Library.

Summary note:"Columbia" Ship: Reel 69 1) Bill of Sale from Gardner, Fitch and Whitney to Abishai Hayden, giving measurements and ,description [1803] 2) Shipping Paper, Sept. 3, 1841 [George F. Joy, Master] (film included): Joseph Marshall, William P. Cathcart, George Christian, Matthew Worth, James A. Warren, Edgar H. Lovell, Charles Coffin, Samuel H. Gardner, William C. Mooers, Isaac Freeman, Elias Southwick, William Shaver, John Cuthle, Henry Cash, Jack Blaire, George Green, John Coffin, Charles C. Pinkham, Charles C. Cooke, George A. Gould, Joseph E. Carr, Obed H. Coleman. 3) Receipts for boat gear from Elisha Smith, July and Sept. 1841 4) Receipt, 1805

Summary note:"Columbus" Ship [Fairhaven]; Reel 69 1) Bill of Sale for flour. signed by Tristram Toby, July 21, 1820 2) Shipping Paper, May 31, 1831, Fairhaven to South Atlantic [Gustavus A. Baylies, Master], Tristam D. Pease, Samuel W. Lewis, Joseph S. Tabor, Nicholas Malhany, James Hacket, Charles Amy, Jose Francisco, Charles Marchant, Samuel A. Boyd, Juan ___ , Tom Holants, H ___ Silvia, Lorenzo D. Bennett, John Burbanks, Jeremiah Nightingale, Jose Pevaran, Abel Wheelock, Jr., Abetha Cakoon, Charles Mayo, Hiram Eastman, John W. Ryder, William Hamilton, Robert Lowry, Charles Vincent, John West, Henry Cotten, ___ Marvel, Peter Villells, Samuel Bennett, John Adams, Josia P. Luce, Edward Mayhews, Jared Norton, Francis Pease. 3) Shipping Paper, 1835 [fourth voyage, Peter Coffin, Master] William B. Gardner, John Jenkins, Andrew O. Swain, Benjamin F. Coffin, Frederick B. Pinkham, Morro S. DaLemba, Roland M. Coffin, Lewis Fowler, James Pope, George Sylvester, John Kingsland, Peter Myers, Peter McCoy, George Elsworth, Jr., Ely Thoms , Frivorie Olney, William Glover, John Curren, Francis I. Morris, Thomas G. Leetly, Samuel Jenkins, Joseph A. King, Joseph Francisko, William Huddleston, Thomas J. Frost, Edward Frank Blain, William Langlois, John Martin, James McGermeay, John Portor (Porter), William Papyon, Jack Paff, James Magin, Bill Paleman, Gerorge Cap, John Trap, Joseph Allen, Nate Macy, Josiah Fellstine, Levi Willson, Joseph H. Dunejis, Eni ___, Joseph Moriah, Peter Nie, Harry Swain, Spinyarn ___, Charley Co, Louis William, Thomas Ritcher, Jeb Smith, Limen C. Mason, Amos Chesebro

FOLDER 41.50
Summary note:"Congress" Ship: Reel 69 1) Power of Attorney from Philip H[owland] (Howland) Folger to James Athearn, Nantucket, Jan. 2, 1843; Reel 49:010 Neg. 2) Power of Attorney from Philip H[owland] (Howland) Folger to Pacific Bank, Jan. 2, 1843

Summary note:"Constitution I" Ship: Reel 69 1) Receipt to Joseph Winslow, Master, Talcahuano, Chile, March 23, 1854 2) Bill from Grossman and Doane for caulking, Talcahuano, April 8, 1854 3) Receipt from Fisher and Spencer for board, Talcahuano, April 8, 1854 to Capt. Winslow 4) Receipt for supplies, Talcahuano, April 8, 1854 5) Receipt for delivery of register and papers, Talcahuano, April 8,1854 6) Receipts, Tumbes, Oct. 13 and 14, 1854 7) Invoice of oil to be delivered at Nantucket by C. E. Starbuck, Bark Peru Tumbes, Oct. 1854 8) Receipts. Paita, Oct. 21, 27 and 28, 1854 9) Receipt for beans, Talcahuano, March 19, 1855 10) Type list of voyages (2cc)

Summary note:"Constitution II" Ship: Reel 69 1) ALS to C. G. and H. Coffin, owners from Capt. Joseph Winslow regarding voyage of 1857-1863. Paita, Sept. 8, 1862 (Original in collection #149, 2 typewrttten copies here)

Summary note:"Conveyance" Sloop: Reel 69 1) Bill of Sale from George B. Elkins to John H. Shaw, April 16, 1840

Summary note:"Coquette" Ship: Reel 69 1) Typed copy of remarks by James H. Wild, on board from England towards Peru and from St. Catherine's towards England, June 5, 1820 to April 20, 1823

Summary note:"Corning" Bark: Reel 69 1) Bill of Exchange for supplies furnished at Paita, Peru payable to E. H. Fisher against Swift and Perry, Oct. 16, 1861

Summary note:"Cortes" Ship: Reel 69 1) Settlement of voyage (under Capt. Ebenezer Coleman), signed by George Howland, Agent, New Bedford, Jan. 6, 1831

Summary note:"Cyrus" Ship: Reel 69 1) Bill of Sale, Paul West to Charles Folger, April I8, 1825 2) Bill of Sale, Charles Mitchell and Gorham Coffin to Charles Folger, June 29, 1832 3) LS to Alexander Starbuck enclosing extract from Register, London, November 11, 1916 4) LS from Registrar General to A. Starbuck, January 8, 1917 5) LS from Chambre de Commerce to A. Starbuck, June 27, 1919 6) "Extract du Registre des Batements, AN 10 Folio 114, Number 445, Dunkirk 7) Notation concerning the log of the "Cyrus" 8) Sale by George Myrick, Jr. to Charles Mitchell & Gorham Coffin of 1/16, Aug. 29, 1828

Summary note:"David Paddock" Ship: Reel 69 1) Receipt to B. A. Coleman, June 24, 1848

Summary note:"Dauphin" Ship: see also Reel 69 1) Shipping Paper (Seth Pinkham, Capt.) May 6, l815: Seth Pinkham, Captain, Obadiah Coffin, Samuel Barrett, Edward Coffin, Edmund Wallace, Job Coleman, Samuel Sanford, Alexander Robinson, George F. Brown, Charles H. Clark, George Abraham, Joseph Smith, Leonard Fisher, ?/Panid Gardner, ?/Rupert/Russel Cefer. 2) May 22, 1817: Seth Pinkham, Captain, Edward Coffin, ?/Timri Cathcart, Job Coleman, George F. Brown, Charles G. Swain, Samuel Brown, Barzillai Henk, Joseph Smith, Peter Rine, Henry Cleavland, William P. Bunker, Samuel Remsen, Ezekiel H. Pomfrey, Jesse ?/ Conet. 3) Second list May 22, 1817: Seth Pinkham, Captain, Edward Coffin, ?/ Timri Cathcart, Job Coleman, George F. Brown, Samuel Remsen, Charles G. Swain (dec'd), Samuel Brown, Barzilla ?/ Henk, Joseph Smith, Peter Rine (deserted), Henry Cleavland [Cleaveland], William G. Bunker, Ezekiel H. Osprey, Jesse ?/ Conet (deserted), ?/ Loring Ennis, Anthony Alvis, Andrew Newell. 4) Shipping Paper (Zimri Coffin, Capt.) August 24, 1820: Zimri Coffin, Captain, Reuben Filby, George Brock, Levi J. Snow, Charles Murphey, Joseph Hussey, John W. Channings, Jeb Higgins, Benjamin Folger, C. A. Folger, Joel Ellis, James Walch, Dimon Peters (possible Martha's Vineyard Indian), Melaciah Davis, Reuben Paddock, James ?/ S. Turrington, Joseph Gardner, ?/ Arian Beeten, Joseph Squible, Neal Procter, Nehia Oldshall. 3) Printed journal kept by Charles Murphy, mentions "Essex" (2cc); 1c on exhibit in Whaling Museum, True Wing, June, 1982 4) ALS Seth Pinkham to the Governor of St. Barbara protesting exhorbitant charges and threatening United States retaliation if he is forced to sail without his papers. St. Barbara, November 7, 1822 5) Agreement by Aaron Keter of Barnstable to sail for Freemen Percival of Sandwich in exchange for cash and one-half chance 1820 6) Last division of oil and head November 29, 1819 7) Receipts for payment to seamen, pilots and laborers 1819-23 8) Record of death of Charles B. Swain on board Ship "Dauphin" May 15, 1817 ANS from Archibald Hall requesting whale oil due from son's voyage in the Ship "Dauphin," master Zimri Coffin [1820- 1823] Nantucket, July 15, 1823. DS from Neal Proctor requesting delivery of his lay to Peleg S. Folger. Nantucket, August 28, 1820.

Summary note:"Diana" Ship: Reel 69 1) Commission for sailing (George Folger, Master), April 10, 1787 (transcript included)

Summary note:"Earl of Eglinton" Barque. Manuscript copy book of documents, letters, reports and disbursements relating to the the wreck of the "Earl of Eglinton," of Greenoch, Scotland, Capt. John Niven, on the south shore of Nantucket March 15, 1846.

Summary note:"Edward" Ship: Reel 69 1) Parody on "The Night Before Christmas" entitled "A Cruise to Siasconsette", written by Francis J. Barrett 2) Typed excerpts from the "Edward" section of the "Montano" log (#153), San Francisco-Sandwich Islands-New Bedford under Capt. Uriah Russell, Oct. 5, 1850 - April 24, 1851 3) Poem, "A cruise to California in the ship Edward of New Bedford. Capt. Shubael Clark. Sailed June 6, 1849". 2 Typescripts included. Accession number 1171. See Log 77

Summary note:"Edward Cary" Ship: Reel 69 1) Mutual Safety Insurance Company policy, James Athearn, August 11, 1841 2) Memorandum of deposit, W. R. Easton, August 8, [1841] 3) Promissory note, James Athearn to the Pacific Bank, Sept. 11, l84l 4) Bill of Sale, James Athearn, Sept. 20, 1841 5) Receipt for insurance premium, Sept. 20, 1841 6) Whaling Insurance Company policy, Frederick C. Sanford, Sept. 24, 1841 7) Commercial Insurance Company policy, Frederick C. Sanford, Oct. 9, 1841 (policy assigned and transferred to Pacific Bank, April 28, 1843) 8) Receipt for casks, Richard and Sons, Dec. 14, 1841 9) Mutual Safety Insurance Co., to James Athearn, Zeb Cook Jr., May 10, 1842 10) Bill of Sale, James Athearn, Aug. 16, l842 11) ALS to William Mitchell from F. C. Sanford about outstanding bills, Nantucket, Feb. 16, 1843; Reel 49, Neg. 013 12) ALS to William Mitchell from F. C. Sanford about suit for unpaid bill, Nantucket, April 7, 1843; Reel 49:008 Neg. 13) Exchange draft for supplies, Oahu. Oct. 7, 1844 14) Copy of instruction to Barz, Burdett, July 22, 1845 15) Receipt for pilotage, July 22, 1845 16) Receipt for chains, Jacob Parker, July 29, 1845 17) Receipt for sail making, July 28, 1845 18) Copy of account with John Tobey, July 1845 19) Receipt from E. W. Cobb to Pacific Bank, Aug. 7, 1845 20) Receipt for advertising, Aug. 13, 1845 21) Pacific Bank Account with C. S. Ellis for coopering, Aug. 15, 1845 22) Pacific account with William R. Easton, Aug. 24, 1845 23) Settlement of voyage, Aug. 24, 1845 24) Contract between C. G. and H. Coffin and Pacific Bank, Aug. 29, 1845 25) Receipt, E. W. Cobb, Sept. 17, 1845 26) Pacific Bank account with Lemuel Fish for trucking, Oct. 14, 1845 27) Receipt for try pots to Henry Swift, Nov. 6, 1845 28) Receipt for slops to Mitchell and Austin, Nov. 1845 29) Bill for oil signed by William R. Easton, Nantucket, Feb. 18, 1846; Reel 49:008 Neg. 30) Slops account with H. A. Kelly, April 1846 31) Pacific Bank account with E. W. Gardner for storage, Jan. 15, 1846 32) Pacific Bank account with Henry A. Kelley, Jan. 25, 1846 33) Possession Paper, A. J. Norton, n. d. 34) Receipt for labor rolling and filling, signed William R. Easton, n.d. 35) Receipt fof wharfage at Commercial Wharf signed by Obed W. Swain, Wharfinger, n.d. 36) Typed list of voyages, l84l-l858

Summary note:"Empire": Reel 69 1) Shipping Paper, Dec. 22, l847: William Upham, Captain, George Pitman, Henry Coffin, William H. Lawrence, Alexander Calliway, Francis M. Folger, Alexander S. Easton, George W. Folger, Charles L. Morse, Charles Wallace, Peter Burton, Silas Allen, Abner G. Fisher, Ensign Rogers, Edward C. Turner, Charles F. Riley, Robert White, Michael Antone, William Barry, Francis A. Smith, Tim Canacker, Frank Canacker, Jeremiah Dismal (deserted), John Harmon (discharged), William Crocker, William Wiedman (washed overboard), John Seymore, George B. Chase, Edwin Randall.

Summary note:"Endeavor" Sloop: Reel 69 1) LS from Everett Crosby about rescue, May 12, 1954

Summary note:"Enterprise" Ship: Reel 69 1) Shipping Paper June 5, 1826 - May 5, 1828: Obed Swain, Master, John Stetson, Charles W. Coffin, Henry Cleaveland, John Elkins, Elisha ?/H. Fishers, David ?/Niphan, Jr., Stephen A. Pompey, signing witnessed by James Gibbs, Elisha Bunker, William Macy, William Grant, Alexander Swain, James Lawrence, Reuben C. Hanks,, George ?/Smian, Alexander Moore (discharged), Joseph Smith, Jesse Landrey (?/Handsey)(discharged), Jack Johnson, Abraham ?/Hosie, Charles ?/Hosie (Hoxie), Thomas Coffin, William Coffin, Dai Tukarus, Stephen B. Gibbs, Thomas S. Andrews, James ?/Harris, George C. Hoeg, Christopher Shepherd, John Theaboy, Charles Conacco, John Sampson. 2) Shipping Paper n.d. (June 5, 1826 - July 26 n.y.) (Second list): Obed Swain, Master, John Stetson, Charles W. Coffin, Henry Cleaveland, John Ellkins, Elisha ?/H. Fisher, David ?/Niphen, Jr., Stephen A. Pompey, Elisha Bunker, William Hoey, William Grant, Alexander Swain, James Lawrence, Reuben C. ?/Hosys, GeorgeSwain, Joseph Trackson, Joseph Smith, Jesse Hansey, Alexander Moore, Jacob Johnson, Abram ?/Henie, Charles ?/Honie (Hoxie), Thomas Coffin, William Coffin, Dai Desprey, Stephen B. Gibbs, Thomas S. Andrews, James ?/Harsis, George C. Hoeg. 3) Bill of Sale, Edward W. Gardner to Charles Folger, Nov. 24, 1854 4) Orient Mutual Insurance policy, Feb. 22, 1855 5) Shipping Paper (June 24, 1829) John Stetson, Captain and Master, Charles W. Coffin, George Haggety, Elisha Bunker, George C. Hoeg, Elbridge Fay, Stephen B. Gibbs,William H. Hoeg, William Ludlam, William Wiggins, Simon Pellamy, Josiah Meigs, Chaney Derby (left ship), Stephen B. Brown, William Warterman (left ship), John Hilliard, Edward Nichols, William Coon, James F.N.C. Andless, William ?/Thonch, Edward McCollum, Thomas M. Barker, Bernard Freedom, Peter Vandick, Joseph ?/Lewies, John Brown, John ?/Pepitt, William Talbot, Addam ?/Harand, Andrew Roberts, James G. Fuller, Edward G. Wall. Several signings witnessed by Absalom Boston. 6) ALS from Hezikiah Child to Thomas or Paul Macy giving history of Ships "Enterprise," "Ocean," and "Maria." Higgamon, (CT.).Nov. 1895.

Summary note:"Essex" Ship: Reel 69 2) Nantucket Inquirer account of landing on Henderson's Island, Jan. 7, 1823 3) Photocopies of: Etching entitled "Ramming of the Ship Essex Map of the ship's course 4) Fate described in printed journal of "Dauphin" 5) Photostat of fragment AL [Aaron Paddack] describing survivors, Feb. 23, 1821

Summary note:"Eunice H. Adams" Schooner: Reel 69 1) Shipping Paper [Zenas M. Coleman, Master], April 12, 1865; James H. Bunker, Joseph Castro, Antonio Lopez, John Cunningham, Frank S. Perry, Charles Godfrey, Michael Spence, Washington M. Chase, Samuel E. Reynolds , Joseph R. Lewis, William H. Chadwick, Allen M. Hinckley, Rodney Swain, Frederick F. Crocker, Joseph Devine, Richard Palmer, William Saterly, William F. Munro, Walter F. Herrin, Charles H. Perkins. 2) Photocopy of notice of launch. Bristol Phenix, Oct. 11, 1845

Summary note:"Exact" Schooner: Reel 69 1) Brief typed account of trip to the west coast under Capt. Isaiah Folger, n.d.

FOLDER 59.50
Summary note:"Fair American" Sloop: Reel 69 1) Charges from Robert Hussey for work, Oct. 1805-June 1806 2) Bill from Ebenezer Watts for tin & iron, Nantucket, Jan. 27, 1807 3) List of sundries taken in and landed on North Wharf, Feb. - March , 1807

Summary note:"Falcon" Ship: Reel 69 1) Partial itinerary gathered from various sources, 1820- 1825 [Benjamin Chase, Capt.]

Summary note:"Fame" Sloop: Reel 69 1) Agreement, July 25, 1833 2) Receipt for wages due, Aug. 6, 1833 3) Receipt for fitting sloop, Aug. 1833, Aug. 14, 1833 4) Receipt for gear, Peter C. Myrick, n.d. 5) Inquirer and Mirror account of charter to search for sea serpent, n.d. (typed copy included)

Summary note:"Fanny" Ship: Reel 69 1) Notes on voyage from Nantucket to San Francisco, 1849- 1850 [Uriah Russell, Capt.] taken from "Fanny" section of "Montano" log (#153)

Summary note:"Favourite": Reel 69 1) LS from Basil Howard concerning return in 1807, Dunedin, N. I., New Zealand, March 4, 1939

Summary note:"Flora" Brigantine: Reel 69 1) Inquirer and Mirror article concerning a bell taken from the wreck circa 1880, May 20, 1965

Summary note:"Foster" Ship: Reel 69 1) Account with A. J. Morton, 1849-1850 2) Account of settlement with E. H. Barker and Co., 1849- 1850 3) Account of Foster law suit with Edward H. Barker, 1849- 1850 4) ALS from Edward H. Barker to James Macy giving advise about settlement of accounts, Boston, July 20, 1850 5) ALS to Char1es G. and H. Coffin and H. Coggin from Edward H. Barker about settlement, Boston, July 29, 1850

FOLDER 65.50
Summary note:Ship "Frances", Photograph of pages from log, 1845-1846

Summary note:"Franklin" Ship: Reel 69 1) ALS to Grafton Gardner, Capt., enclosing policy, Boston, Dec. 12, 1818 2) Bill for labor from Gideon Swain, April 25, 1822 3) Bill for supplies, J. W. Gordon, May 8, 1822 4) Insurance policy, Aug. 3, 1830 5) Insurance policy, June 29, 1831 6) Whaling Insurance Company policy, April 7, 1841 7) Premium note signed James Athearn, April 8, 1841 8) Mutual Safety Insurance policy to P[hilip Howland] Folger, July 21,1841 9) Promissory note signed by James Athearn, Aug. 31, 1842 10) Tremont Insurance Company policy, July 13, 1842 11) Bill of Sale from James Athearn to the president, directors,and company of the bank, Aug. 16, 1842 12) Sun Mutual Insurance Company of New York policy, Aug. 31, 1842 13) Pacific Bank account, James Macy, Agent, June 5, 1845 14) Bills for labor by R. & A.M. Folger, 1821-1822 15) Owners of Ship "Vulture" to Ship "Franklin", Feb. 3, 1819 16) Bill for supplies from Valentine Hussey, June, 1822 17) Bill for cordage from Matthew Myrick, Aug. 9, 1824

FOLDER 66.50
Summary note:ALS from Seth Pinkham to the Governor of St. Barbara regarding port charges. St. Barbara, Nov. 7, 1822.

Summary note:"Gardner" Ship: Reel 69 1) Policy of Assurance, Nov. 3, 1813

Summary note:"George and Susan" Bark: Reel 69 1) Protest, Hobart, Australia, Dec. 31, 1870 [I. W. Stapleford, Master] 2) ALS from J. W. Brown, commander of the S. S. Alexander, concerning the sanity of Capt. Stapleford, Sydney, Australia, n.y.

Summary note:"George Washington" Schooner: Reel 69 1) Promissory note from Reuben G. Pinkham, owner, Feb. 24, 1848

Summary note:"Gidion" Ship: Reel 69 1) Copy of petition for Survey as to provisions, leaks, etc. by Francis Bayley, Agent, Dec. 1824 [Obed Clark, Master] 2) Typed explanation of petition

Summary note:"Globe" Ship: Reel 69 1) Photocopies of typed copies of depositions taken from survivors: Anthony Hanson, Stephen Kidder, Peter C. Kidder, Joseph Thomas, George Comstock, Gilbert Smith at Valparaiso, Aug. 12, 1824. Photostats of depositions are in Coll. 74, q.v. 2) ALS to John Quincy Adams from Gorham Coffin, Nantucket, Nov. 27, 1824 3) Petition by Nantucket to President James Monroe in relation to the mutiny, Dec. 1824 4) ALS to Samuel L. Southard from Gorham Coffin, Nantucket, Dec. 1, 1824 5) ALS to Isaac Hull from Gorham Coffin concerning Rowland Coffin, Nantucket, Dec. 2, 1824 6) ANS from Samuel L. Southard to Gorham Coffin concerning Rowland Coffin, Washington, Dec. 18, 1824 6.50) Photograph of ALS from John Haven to his brother concerning mutiny of the Ship "Globe" and describing voyage of the Ship "Loper". Ship "Loper", Feb. 18, 1825 7) Drawing by George Comstock of incidents on Mili Island culminating in the death of Samuel Comstock, 1825 8) Information about ship on back of LS concerning crew list, May 22, 1936. 9) Narrative of mutiny by George Comstock; holograph, bound in burlap, n.d. (See Coll. 74, f. 2 for [inaccurately] typed copy.)

Summary note:"Glory of the Seas" Clipper: Reel 69 1) N.Y. Times Magazine account of fate, Jan. 3, 1923

Summary note:"Golden Farmer" Ship: Reel 69 1) Receipted bill for labor due Thomas Davenport, April 18, 1815 2) Receipted bill for lay due William P. Semens, July 9, 1818

Summary note:"Great Eastern" Steamship: Reel 69 1) Section plan and description published by S. D. Brain, New York, n.d.

FOLDER 74.25
Summary note:Ship "Great Republic" 1) Report of the Committee appointed by the Commerical Insurance Company of Nantucket to settle loss incured by burning ship at New York City, January 17, 1858.

FOLDER 74.50
Summary note:"Greyhound" Sloop: Photocopy of partial log including entries for the Sloop Greyhound during a whaling voyage during the summer of 1775. The keeper is unknown but the Sloop is from Nantucket. The original is owned by the Shelter Island Historical Society, Manhanset Chapel Museum.

Summary note:"Harmony" Schooner: Reel 69 1) Policy of Assurance, Sept. 13, 1821

Summary note:"Harriet" Bark: Reel 70 1) Charles Hussey's bill, Dec. 21, 1803 2) William Coffin's bill, Jan. 28, 1804 3) ANS by David Worth about voyage and sale of ship, n.d.

Summary note:"Harvest" Bark: Reel 70 1) True copy of Protest [Ira Lakey, Master], Oct. 4,1848

Summary note:Ship "Harvest" Amount of S.B. Folger's Bottomry, Aug. 4, 1841 Whale oil account, Pacific Bank, excepted by James Macy, Aug. 28, 1844 Receipt for storage, April 21, 1845 ALS to William Mitchell from J.H. Clifford, New Bedford, Jan. 15, 1848 Payment from Pacific Bank to B.R. Curtis for retainer's fees during two suits in Supreme Court against Barker and Athearn and James Macy, Sept. 27, 1848 Insurance policy issued to Charles Folger, Jan. 27, 1853 Bill of Sale, Nathaniel Rand to Joseph Mitchell, July 4, 1853 Memorandum of Kelley's conversation with C.C. Fowler, n.d.

Summary note:"Harvest" ship (all items were found in log of the "Harvest"1853-1857, Benjamin Riddell master) 1. AN notes on reef discovered by Capt.English 1853. 2. Exchange note. F.W. Paddack, Moses Joy Honolulu, H.I. November 18, 1854. 3. Receipt. whale gun, bomb lances. Honolulu, November 25, 1854. 4. ANS Benjamin Riddell to Capt. Doveton & Doct. Eichbaum of Sidney. 5. ANS Benjamin Riddell and George Gill, missionary. Certifies drowning of Patrick Costello, Island of Mangaia, December 27, 1855. 6. Receipt. sugar. Bird & Robinson, December 30, 1856. 7. ANS Benjamin Riddell. Items purchased, 1856. 8. Permit to Tranship. Oil to ship "Golconda." n.d. 9. Permit to Tranship. Oil to ship "Sea Witch." n.d. 10. Receipt. Potatoes, onions, corn, eggs, apples. Manuel Joaquim Sylvia, n.d. 11. ANS Benjamin Riddell to Mr. Russell re: chronometer. Darling Harbour, n.d. 12. Ms. map. Steering directions. 13. List of Articles for a Whale Voyage. (food) 14. Abstract of Hawaiian Laws and Regulations, Respecting Vessels, Harbors and Customs. 8p. Honolulu, 1954. 15. Port Regulations for Tonga, Haabai, and Haafuluhao. 3p. Tongabatu, 1850. 16. Notice to Whalemen. M.F. Maury's announcement of whale location chart prepared by the Navy from information submitted by Daniel McKenzie and George Manning. National Observatory, Washington, 1851. 17. The Friend. New Series, Vol. III, no. 2, Honolulu, November 22, 1854. 18. ALS "Candour" to Mr. Editor, about Steamer "Massachusetts."

Summary note:"Hawk" Schooner: Reel 70 1) Bill of lading from Richard Macy, May 30, 1765 (Transcript included) 2) Bill for shipment of oil to Richard Macy. London, Jan.17 1764

Summary note:"Hazard" Bark: Reel 70 1) Printed letter to the editor of the Mirror about wreck, Feb. 26, 1881 2) Printed letter from Everett B. Crosby to the editor of the Inquirer and Mirror about wreck, n.d.

Summary note:"Henry" Ship: Reel 70 1) Autograph account of wreck [July 29, 1813],.n.d. 2) Partial list of survivors and those who perished. 3) Agreement to pay for oil and serve on ship, signed Benjamin A. Coleman and Josiah Brock, June 12, 1853

Summary note:"Henry Astor" Ship: Reel 70 1) Bill of Sale from W.R. Easton, Nantucket, Feb. 12, 1844 2) Bill of Sale, signed, sealed and delivered, Feb. 12, 1844 3) Invoice of sperm and whale oil stored in cellar of warehouse of William R. Easton on the Northwest Wharf, Nantucket, June 10, 1844 4) LS from Henry Carlisle, [San Francisco, CA.] July 14, 1940

FOLDER 82.50
Summary note:"Henry Clay" Ship: Reel 70 1) Commercial Insurance Company policy on cargo, Jan. 5, 1841

Summary note:"Herald II" Ship: Reel 70 1) DS by William S. Beebe giving power of attorney to his wife, Elizabeth H. Beebe, June 29, 1854 2) Copy of Abandonment of policy because of crew's piracy by William and Elizabeth Beebe, Dec. 10, 1860

Summary note:"Horatio" Ship: Reel 70 1) Insurance policy, July 26, 1877 2) Copy of Charles Grant's share of proceeds from voyage, May 12, 1882

Summary note:"Houqua" Ship Letter to Captain Henry Coleman from the shipping agent A.A. Low of New York, dated 6 June, 1855. Letter gives instructions for disposal of cargo in Hoochow or Shanghai. This letter was found in a desk that Mary Hoadley donated.

Summary note:"Humbird" Sloop: Reel 70 1) Permission to sail [Jonathon Paddock, Master], Nantucket, 1766

Summary note:"Hungarian" Bark: Reel 70 1) Copy of report on damage requested by Consul, Galata, Nov. 15, 1856 2) Copy of Protest, Nov. 28, 1856 3) Receipt for rope, Constantinople, Dec. 10, 1856 4) Receipt for work done by John Reeves, shipwright, Dec. 10, 1856 5) Receipt for draft, Jan. 27, 1857 6) Receipt for repairs, Philadelphia, April 3, 1857 7) Receipt for wharfage, New York, May 10, 1857 8) Receipt for water, Portland, Jan. 29, 1858 9) Receipt for cooperage, Brooklyn, April 23, 1858 10) Contract for charter, Glasgow, June 22, 1858 (2cc) 11) Consul's fee, Glasgow, Julv 3, 1858 12) Contract, Trieste, Aug. (?) 12, 1858 13) Charter contract, Trieste, Aug. 12, 1858 14) Receipt, Trieste, Aug. 30, 1858 15) Receipt for clearnace papers and pilot, Trieste, Aug. 30, 1858 16) Manifest of cargo, Aug. 31, 1858 17) Custom House fees receipt, Messina, Oct. 30, 1858 18) Contract for charter, Boston, Jan. 14, 1859 19) Receipt for Survey, New York, April 18, 1859 20) Certificate for Survey, April 21, 1859 21) Receipt for cooperage, April 22, 1859 22) Receipt for wharfage, Brooklyn, May 3, 1859 23) Charter contract, Cardenas to New York [John Lockhart, Master], June 2, 1859 24) Bill of Lading, June 20, 1859 25) Bill of Lading, Cardenas to New York, June 20, 1859 26) Receipt for towing by steamer, Magnolia, New York, July 1,1859 27) Receipt for loading boards, n.d.

Summary note:"Ida D. Rogers" Brig: Reel 70 1) Consulate's fee, Rio de Janeiro, Dec. 12, 1856 2) Receipt, Rio de Janeiro, Dec. 22, 1856 3) Receipt for repairs, Rio de Janeiro, Nov. 24, 1856 4)Consulate bill, Rio de Janeiro, Feb. 16, 1857 5) Port Certificate, Havana, April 4, 1857 6) Receipt for repairing sails, Boston, May 13, 1858 7) Receipts for disbursements, Matangas, June 23 and 21, 1858 8) Manifest, Philadelphia, Boston, July 19, 1858 9) Copy of Survey, Gibraltar, Sept. 25, 1858 10) Protest, Gibraltar, Oct. 6, 1858 11) Demand for pay for repairs, Gibraltar, Nov. 2, 1858 12) Receipts for towing, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, 1857-1859 13) Receipts for pilotage, Boston, 1858, 1860 14) Receipt for Port Warden, Boston, Jan. 31, 1859 15) Receipt for ballast, Boston, Feb. 11, 1859 16) Receipt for inspection, June 20, 1859 17) Receipt for water pails, San Francisco, Feb. 11, 1860 18) Receipt for clearance fees, San Francisco, Feb. 24, 1860 19) Receipt for harbor dues, San Francisco, June 2, 1860 20) Receipt for hospital dues, San Francisco, June 2, 1860 21) Port Warden's certificate, San Francisco, June 9, 1860

Summary note:"Improvement" Ship: Reel 70 1) Shipping Paper [Obadiah Coffin, Master], June 7, 1820 -July 9, 1822; Edward Coffin, Zebediah Fisher, Silvanus Folger, Moses Coffin, William P. ?/Torby/Treby (deserted), Charles Smith, Zebulon Morslander, Henry Fisher, James H. Handy, George W. ?/Chaes (Chase), Allen Fisher, ?/Isaiah Gorham (deserted), Samuel Crosby, Charles W. Chase, Charles Rosemary (deserted), John Mingo (deserted) (possible Martha's Vineyard Indian), Charles De Grass (possible Martha's Vineyard Indian), Joseph Earl (died at sea), Elisha Amos (deserted) (possible Martha's Vineyard Indian), George Smith (deserted), John Smith, Henry Bradley, Timothy ?/Gint, Will Sharpless, John P. Brown, Thomas Hathaway, Joseph ?/Mecarne, George Allen. 2) Shipping Paper, June 7, 1820 (additional copy) Obadiah Coffin, Master, Edward Coffin, Zebediah Fisher, Silvanus Folger, Moses Coffin, William P. ?/Torby, Charles Smith, Zebulon Morslander, Henry Fisher, James H. Handy, George W. Chase, Allen Fisher, Isaiah Gorham, Samuel Crosby, Charles W. Chase, Charles Rosemary, John Mingo, Charles DeGrass, Joseph Earl, Elisha Amos (possible Martha's Vineyard Indian), George Smith. 3) 1 partial page from a whaling log, Nov. 1-21, 1822 mentions Ships "Courier," "Charles," "Orion," "Foster," and "Improvement."

Summary note:"India" Ship: Reel 70 1) Report and Manifest, New Bedford [Joshua Coffin, Master], Oct. 23, 1834 2) Inquirer and Mirror (?) account of model of ship, Aug. 4, 1894 3) Correspondence between Dr. William E. Gardner and William H. Tripp, 1950

Summary note:"Iowa" Bark: Reel 70 1) Chart of humpback whale grounds at Rowley Shoals, 1857-1858 2) AMS of agreement between Charles C. Mooers and Jenney and Tripp, n.d.

Summary note:"Isaac Howland" Ship 1) Crew list 1828 (photocopy from original in National Archives) Thomas Nickerson; Philip Johnson; Sullivan Larrington; John King; Benjamin L. Wood; Charles Sherman; George E. Coggeshall; Elijah Waters; Coffin Hodds; Gardner Dawley; Alexander Calliway; William Alexander; Eli Potter; Francis Cross; Alfred Lindrichess; James Ramdon; Alexander Hathaway; Manuel Antonio; Allerton Cashmain; John Craford; Henry B. Tabor; James Denison; Andrew Lavy; Hanson Barney; Henry Brightman; Oliver Bailey 2) Affadavit of William Austin, Master, listing names of crew who deserted before or during whaling voyage: Thomas Nickerson, Gardner Dawley, William Alexander, John Craford, Hanson Barney, Charles Sherman. Also reports death of Geo[rge] E. Coggeshall during voyage. October 7, 1831. (photocopy from original in National Archives)

Summary note:"Island Home" Steamer: Reel 70 1) Bond between Nantucket and the Cape Cod Steam Boat Co. and Nathan H. Manter (?), Master, Feb. 21, 1881 2) Newspaper article about damage

Summary note:"Islander" Bark: Reel 70 1) Copy of LS, Aug. 5, 1950 about history of bark

Summary note:"James M." Cargo Vessel [Philadelphia]:Reel 70 1) Shipping Paper [George Cooper, Master], Sept. 15, 1828- 1829; Josiah B. Whippy, Alex G. Colesworthy, William Durly, William Foy, George ?/Wash, Patrick Sherlock, Matthew O'Brien, Henry Jacobson, John Steward, Cornelius Downay, William Finton, Peter Peterson, Thomas Brown, James ?/Legan, Jans Hansson, Thomas Lakin, Alexander W. Finemore, Thomas Smith ?/E... Hancock; William ?/Wollin, Domingo Perone, Benjamin Howell, Lemuel Meskins, William Campbell, Abial Snow, Thomas Samuel Blake, George Franks, John Newton, Edmund Wood, Christopher Eastberry, George ?/Nilley, David Melvin, Thomas Salton, Charles Moore, John Clark, Daniel McWilliam, Robert Cooper, Martin Bell.

Summary note:"Japan" Ship: Reel 70 1) Invoice of merchandise shipped, May 3, 1859 2) Insurance policy for Capt. Charles Grant, Aug. 6 1861 3) ANS from Charles Grant giving order to pay Stephen Mowry, third mate, his share of oil now on board, Apia, July 6, 1862

Summary note:"John Adams" Ship: Reel 70 1) Receipted bill for money owed from crew members, 1826-1828 Wilbur Ames, 1826- 1827; George Christian, 1827-1828; Charles William (Cooper), 1826-1828 Isaiah Derny, 1827-1828; Jacob Dunford, 1826-1828; Silvanus Ewer. Sept. 22, 1826 Robert Jones, 1826-1828; P. C. Myrick, 1826; Henry Pearce, April 14, 1828; Robert Steed, 1827-1828; Samuel S. Henry(Steward) 1826- 1827 David Taylor, 1827-1828 2) Shipping Paper, Nantucket [Seth Cathcart, Master], June 24, 1829; Charles Barned, Reuben Folger, ?/P.H. Lathrop, Charles Clark, Thomas G. Cartor (Carter), Jonathan H. Bridgham, Thomas Neil, Jr., Joseph H. Fostor (Foster), Ezra A. Harwood, Henry Whelon, James M.C. Andles, William Rand, ?/Imoreph (Joseph ) G. Cary, John Whitenay (Whitney), John Spunyarn, Lewis Silva, Joseph Weeks, Andrew Pratt, William Bucklen, William Cathcarty, Charles ?/Ragor, Earl Godfray (Godfrey).

Summary note:"John Jay" Ship: Reel 70 1) Policy of Assurance, Sept. 6, 1802 (photocopy included) 2) Bill for sundries, 1810 3) Shipping Paper [David Swain II, Master], July 3, 1815; Shubael Chase, Reuben Swain, William Luce, Briggs Wilber, Abram Jones, William West, Leonard West, Alexander C. Childs, John Swain, John ?/ Comet; George Williams, Zacheus ?/Oaknet, Samuel Leanerd (Leonard), Luke Jonson, John Dillaway. Attached: ANS from John Dillaway to Capt. Swain requesting delivery of his share of oil to John W. Barrett, Nantucket, June 13, 1817 (receipted on reverse) 4) Wharf, Book, Obed Macy, Agent, June 7, 1817 5) Shares of the crew, June 16, 1817 6) Last division of oil and head, June 16, 1817 7) ANS ordering payment, June 22, 1817 8) Order for payment to Salvinas [sic] Ewer, signed by Luke 9) Dividend of voyage, 1817 10) Bill against crew members, n.d. 11) Bill from Gilbert Coffin, n.d. 12) Bills to John Dillaway, n.d. 13) List of men missing, n.d.

Summary note:"Joseph Conrad" Training Ship: Reel 70 1) Newspaper article about barometer, n.d.

Summary note:"Joseph Maxwell" Bark [New Bedford]: Reel 70 1) Shipping Paper [George Cowie, Master], August 31,1868: Charles Fuber, John T. Handy, George H. Williams, Thomas I. Layton, Samuel West, Thomas Ferreira; Anselmo Silveira, John Payne, J. Jones, Tobias Silva, Charles LaBarre, George W. Pearl, Manuel Rosa, Joseph Cerham (Gorham), Robert Mayor, Robert Bean, George H. Burton, George H. Carriz, Manuel Christian, Antone Ferreira Vieira, Manuel Silvara, Joukim Joseph, H. Muller, M. Reiz, John Butler. 2) Shipping List August 10-31, 1868: George Cowie, Master, Charles Taber, John T. Handy, George H. Willamy, Thomas J. Layton, Samul West, Thomas Ferreira, Anselmo Silveira, John Payne, J. Jones, Tobias Silva, Charles LaBarre, George W. Pearl, Manuel Roga, Joseph Cerham, Robert Mayor, Robert Bean, George H. Burton, George H. Harris, Manuel Christian, Antonio Ferreira Vieira, Manuel Silvara, Joukim Joseph, M. Reis, H. Muller, John Butler. 3) Clearance Paper, New Bedford, Aug. 22, 1868: Samul West, Anselmo Silveira, John Tarine, George W. Pearl, Joseph Cerham, Manuel Rosa, Antonio Ferreira Vieira, Manuel Silvara, Joukim Joseph, George H. Burton, George H. Harris, Manuel Christian, Robert Mayer, Robert Brun, Charles LaBarre, M. Reis, H. Muller, J. Jones, Tobias Silva, Thomas Ferreira, John Butler. 4) List of seamen or mariners, shipped at Mauritus, June 23, 1871: Gilbert Rievelto, John Montero, Hadji Correns, ?/Galdius I.A. Lopes, Bastion ?/Mandango. 5) Shipping Paper [Stephen Hickmott, mate], Jan 13, 1872: Daniel Whitney, Peter Good, Richard Green, William HJ. MacKenzie, Erastus O. Gifford, Hiram Smart, Charles Johnson, Louis Schleter, Fritz Docerty, George A. Smith, Lucius M. Mason, Solomon Case, ?/Lovias O. Prescot, Eugene Albright, Leonard F. Hale, Harry Hasselbrock, Samance Menahan, Andrew Connors, Richard Dootson, Joseph Gossirman, Carl Burtten (Burton), Henrich Wendelstorf, David O. Williams, Charles W. Stewart, James Byer, Henry Schmith, Uriel Arigosta, Thomas A. Bessett, George A. Thompson, Frances Antone, ?/Cleaphas Clarke. 6) Statement that legal demands of U.S. Consul have been paid, etc., Honolulu, June 24, 1872 7) Bill of Health, District of San Francisco, Dec.ll, 1872 8) Report and manifest of cargo, San Francisco, Dec. 11, 1872 9) List of persons comprising the crew, December 11, 1872: Stephen Hickmarth (Hickmott), Captain, Daniel Whitney, Peter Good, Richard Green, William McKenzie, Manuel Silva, Joseph Rivas, Samuel Johnson, John Kelly, William Ryan, Hendre Cano, James Johnson, Lee ?/Whitne, John Decker, Charles ?/Begis, E. Y. Miller, C. F. Jansen, Juan Fernandez, John Brown, Henrie Gerchens, Henrich Grapel, William Taylor, C. Wasserman, C. Hansen, B. Ericsen, All Jansen, Elias Anderson, Peter Bearson, W. Anderson, Charles Gutenberg, Simm Johnson, John Kanaka. 3 attached certificates list deserters: Kanazawa, Japan, May 7, 1873: Lee Whitman, ?/Ino Decker, Tim Tailor; Honolulu, Dec. 20, 1873: F. Bruce (at Yokahama 5/7/73), Senoski and Sanoski ; Dec. 14, 1874: Suiketche, Hanski, ?/Faw Ketche - left at Karragawa April 20, 1874; Ben, Andrew, Joe and Joe Silva left at Yokahama April 23, 1874. 10) List of officers and seamen on board in 1872 and 1874: Stephen Hickmott, Captain, Daniel Whitney, Peter Good, Richard Green, W. H. McKensie (McKenzie), Erastus O. Gifford, Herman Smart, Charles Johnson, Lewis Schelter, Fritz Docerty, George A. Smith, Lucius M. Mason, Soloma Cuse, Lewis C. Prescot, Eugene Might, Leemand F. Hale, Harry Hasselbrook, Laurend Manahan, Andrew Curnin, Richard Dootson, Joseph Hoyffromer, Carl Ruetter, Hendrich Wendelslorf, Daniel Williams, Charles W. Stewart, James Ryan, Henry Schmitt, Viel Asigosta, Thomas A. Bessett, George Henry Thompson, Francis Antone, Cleephin Clark, Antone Brandt, Ed Riley, Antone Silvia, George Theaw. Second list: Honolulu, Dec. 20, 1873: Stephen Hickmott, Master, Daniel Whitney, Peter Good, Richard Green, William H. McKenzie, Manuel Silvia, Joseph Rivers, Sam Johnson, John Kelly, William Ryan, Hendre Como, James Johnson, Lee Whitnee, John Decker, Ivan (Juan) Fernandes, John Brown, Henry Gerckens, B. Encson, All Jansen, Elias Anderson, Charles Beger, D. F. Jansen, H. Grapel, C. Wasserman, H. Hansen, John Tailor, Peter Bearson, James Anderson, Simon Johnson, Charles Gutenburg, John Kanaka, G. H. Miller, M. I. Silva, Antone DeCosta, Michel Joy, W. H. Muven, Peter Bearson,Thomas O'Keefe, John Rodwick, L. H. Laicov, F. H. Parker, Frank Williams, J. H. Carter, Simon Johnson, C. Gottenburg, H. Hansen, Elias Anderson, E. G. Muller, C. F. Johnson, Ben, Jack Murry (Murray), Andrews, M. Forman, August Hartwig, Joe, James F. Purdy, Joe Silva, Pablo Torres, Jim Hope, Bill Hope, Jim Syndiham, Tom Syndiham, Nankatchue, Kojeva, Manketchue, Keintavo, Tavexttoche, Kimitz, Sinkatchue, Hanske, Sanketchue. 11) Amounts advanced paid officers and crew, 1872-1874 11) Shipping Articles, Japanese seamen signed on, Kanazawa, Japan, May 7, 1873 and discharged at Kanazawa April 22, 1874: William M. Bruce, Sanketchi, Hanske, Sanaski, Uxtche, Canatero, Senoski, Kenoski. 13) Clearance Paper from port of Kanazawa, May 8, 1873 14) List of seamen discharged, Honolulu, Dec. 20, 1873: James Anderson, Joseph Rivers, William Ryan, James Johnson, B. Ericson, John Kelly, Sam Johnson , Peter Bearson, Hendre Cono, John Kanaka, Elias Anderson, C. Wassman, H. ?/Graful, Simon Johnson, Charles Beyer, Ole Jansen (Hansen) H. Hansen, E. G. Miller, H. Gercken, John Brown, Ivan (Juan) Fernandez, C. F. Jansen, C. Gottenberg, George Pomeroy, W. H. McKenzie, R. R. Green. 15) Settlement of voyage with C. S. Mattoon, Dec. 2, 1873 16) Port Certificate, San Francisco, Dec. 11, 1872. 17) List of crew members signed on, Honolulu, Dec. 20, 1873: Frank Williams, Frank H. Parker, I. H. Carter, Peter Rearson, Simon Johnson, C. Gottenburger, H. Hansen, Elias Anderson, E. G. Miller, C. F. Johnson, Thomas O'Keefe, ?/M.T. Mervin, Ben, Jack Murray, Andrew, M. Tooman, John Roderick, L. H. Larcom, Michael Joy, Aug Hartwig, Joe, M.J. Silva, Antone deCosta, Joseph F. Purdy, Joe Silva, Pablo Torres. 18) Certificate of clearance, Honolulu, Dec. 20, 1873 19) Settlement with crew, Honolulu, Dec. 20, 1873 20) Bill from Alexander Cartwr.ight for outfitting, 1873 21) Shipping Articles, Japanese seamen signed on, Kanazawa, Japan, April 20, 1874: Jim Hope, Bill Hope, Jim Syndaham, Tom Syndaham, Bassatchie, Kojero, Manketchu, Keintano, Tamextchu, Kumatz, Sinketche, Hanske, Sanketche. 22) Certificate of delivery of Register. and papers, Kanazawa, April 22, 1874 23) Settlement of voyage, Honolulu, Dec. 14, 1874 24) Discharge certificate for seamen, Honolulu, Dec. 14, 1874: Discharged on account of ship being condemned as unfit for service: J. Syndenham, Jim Hope, Bill Hope, Tom Syndenham, (Japanese whalemen:) Barkatche, Kojeso, Manketchi, Kimitaro, Tamextche, Kiunatz. D.F. Whitney, Peter Good; ?/Contract expired: James F. Purdy, Aug Hartwig, Antone DeCosta, Michael Joy, W. H. Mervin, Peter Bearson, Thomas O'Keefe, John Roderick, L. H. Lascom, Frank H. Parker, Pablo Torres, Frank Williams, J. H. Carter, Simon Johnson, C. Gottenburg, H. Hanson, E. G. Miller, Jack Murray, M. Tooman. 25) Certificate of condemnation, Honolulu, Dec. 28, 1874 26) Muster roll, n.d.

Summary note:"Joseph Starbuck" Ship: Reel 70 1) Typed account of wreck as told by Charlotte Wood Allen

Summary note:"Junior" Ship: Reel 70 1) Newspaper column [1857] 2) New Bedford Standard Times account of mutiny and massacre, April 22, 1934

Summary note:"Kathleen" Bark [New Bedford]: Reel 70 1) Agreement from J.W. R. Wing to give Capt. Mooers an amount of lay, April 28, 1860 2) Agreement between A. H. Davis and Capt. Mooers, June 18, 1860 3) Receipt for money due Capt. Mooers, Nov. 18, 1861 4) Receipt for bolt of sail cloth, Oct. 9, 1863 5) Copy of Register #109 6) Receipt for amount covering 128 lbs of whale's teeth 7) Statement of sperm whale grounds by Capt. Shockley, n.d. 8) List of articles for a whaling voyage [Capt. James Coffin, Warren, R. I.], n.d. 9) List of whaling signals 10) Ageement from William H. Godfrey to serve as boatsteerer. New Bedford, June 19, 1860 11) ANS from William T. Butler that Kelly has come on board. Nantucket, Nov. 12, 1861

FOLDER 101.50
Summary note:"Kremlin" Bark: Reel 70 1) Receipts for wages 1863 2) ALS to Capt. James Burgess regarding cargo of lumber, Buenos Aires, Feb. 5, 1864 3) ANS to Capt. Burgess re cargo, Feb. 26, n.y. 4) List of supplies, n.d.

Summary note:"Lady Adams" Ship: Reel 70 1) Registry at Port of Boston and Charleston, May 11, 1802

Summary note:"Lagoda" Bark/Ship: Reel 70 1) Specifications for building model, Nov. 1915 (LS about building model included)

FOLDER 103.50
Summary note:"Lafayette" Ship: Reel 70 1) Permit to go ashore signed by Master George G. Ray, Oct. 9, 1858

Summary note:"Lammergeir" Ship: Reel 70 1) Capt. Samuel C. Coffin's account with ship, 1859-1861

Summary note:"Levi Starbuck" Ship: Reel 70 1) Insurance policy, Sept. 16, 1856 2) Legal settlement of assault case, Nov. 1861

Summary note:"Laura Annie Barnes" Schooner: Reel 70 1) New Bedford Sunday Standard Times account recalling wreck [1939]. Sept. 20, 1953

Summary note:"Lexington" Ship: Reel 70 1) Receipt in Spanish, Jan. 16, 1853 2) Receipt from agents for account of Peter C. Brock, Master, April 1853 3) Receipt for sundry articles, May 1853 4) Receipt, Santa Cruz, Island of Flores, June 16, 1853 5) Port charges, Guam, April 9, 1854 6) Receipt for pilotage, Guam, April 18, 1854 7) Receipt for fluke chains, Nov. 8, 1854 8) Receipt for toggle irons, Lahaina, Nov. 8, 1854 9) Bill for 65 ft. of oars, Lahaina, Nov. 9, 1854 10) Water and rafting, Lahaina, Nov. 15, 1854 11) Bill for sundry articles from William J. Burnes, Nov. 18, 1854 12) Receipt for beef purchase, Nov. 1854 13) Bill against John Canada, Dec. 28, 1854 14) Typed excerpts from log-journal, 1853-1856 15) Bill against Henry Starbuck, Jan. 3, 1855 16) Receipt for labor, Lahaina, Sept. 2, 1855 17) Port fees, Oct. 3, 1855 18) Receipt from Prefect of Police. Lahaina Prison for fees for crew members in prison, Nov. 3, 1855 19) Receipt for supplies for. medicine chest, Nov. 6, 1855 20) Receipt for supplying and rafting, Nov. 8, 1855 21) Receipt for labor, Honolulu harbor. Nov. 15, 1855 22) Receipt for beef purchase, Honolulu, Nov. 15, 1855 23) Receipt for ship's pump, Nov. 1855 24) Receipt for lead, Talcahuano, March 26, 1856 25) Bill of Sale, James Ross to Obed Swain, Sept. 1, 1856 26) Bill of Sale, Edward G. Kelley to John H. Shaw, Feb. 28, 1857 27) ALS declaring total loss at Strong's Island, Nantucket, Aug. 7, 1859 28) Bill for arrest and detention of two men, n.d. 29) Bill against Sylvia ?, n.d. 30) Act for Relief of owners of "Lexington" of Nantucket referred to the House of Representatives, 1842 31) Receipt of Payment from Gilman & Co. to Peter C. Brock, Nov. 10, 1855, Lahaina.

Summary note:"Lion" Ship: Reel 70 1) ALS to Capt. Lloyd Bowers, owner, from Charles F. Howland, Captain, regarding oil results and poor food. Tumbes, March 20, [18]46 (1846) 2) Photocopy of writ for John Talbot, black man, mariner. 1802 (Location of original: unknown)

Summary note:"Live Oak" Bark: [New Bedford] 1) Protest for damage signed by John A. Beckerman, Master, Russell, New Zealand, April 6, 1871 (attached five bills for repairs)

Summary note:"Logan" Ship [New Bedford]:Reel 70 1) Fragment of certificate stating ship detained in the Downes, Oct. 21, 1806 2) Sea Letter: permission to Reuben Bunker, Master, to enter foreign ports, written in four languages (French, Spanish, Dutch and English) and signed by Thomas Jefferson, U. S. President, and James Madison, Secretary of State; Reel 164:174 Negative

Summary note:"Lydia I" Barkentine: Reel 70 1) Policy of Assurance [Thomas Hiller,Master], May 18, 1798 2) Receipts, 1804-1818: Harpoons, gafts and supplies, James Cartwright, Feb. 1805 and 1807 G. Coffin, 1805 Paul Coffin, March 15, 1805 Robert Hussey, Oct. 24, 1807 Francis James, Aug. 19, 1807 Nails from Daniel Jones, Sept. 2, 1807 Labor, Aug. 1, 1804: March 12, 1805; July 29,1807 Uriah Pinkham, June 27, 1805 Isaac Parker, fitting mast, June 20, 1809 Piloting, March 15, 1805 Wharfage at South Wharf, Dec. 1,1805, 1807 (see Folder #6) Dry apples, Aug. 1807 Tobacco, Dec. 30, 1817 Watchman, Aug. 25, 1818 3) Shipping Paper [Elias Ceely, Master], Aug. 18, 1817: William Jones, Samuel Robbins, John Gardner, Albert Gardner, George Hilliard, Seth Carsley, George Thomson, Thomas Modley, Lewis Lincoln, Simon ?/Taehnet, Frederick Raymund (Raymond), Barzillai Worth, George W. Hall. 4) Disburesments on coast of Brazil, June 26, July 3, 1818 5) Sale of oil at Pernambeco, July 3, 1818 6) Settlement of account, Aug. 16, 1818 (sewn into booklet) 7) Account of last delivery of oil, Aug. 20, 1818 8) Settlement with Jeremiah Laurence, crew member, Aug. 26, 1818 9) Receipt in Spanish, 1818 10) Figuring paper of the people's accounts 11) Note of labor done, n.d. 12) Disbursements at Pernambeco, n.d. 13) Receipt for tobacco, Feb. 25, n.y. 14) Account of share of bone, n.d. 15) Bill for board and lodging, n.d. 16) Typed list of voyages, 1791- 1818

Summary note:"Lydia II" Ship [Nantucket]: Reel 70 1) Copy of list of crew [Edward Joy, Master] Nov. 15, 1833: Obed Ramsdell, Thomas Lewis, Daniel Russell, John C. Grigson, Daniel Cushman, Edward Walker, Stephen Conklin, Levi Palmer, John Watson, Dwight Mather, Charles ?/Profo, John Micarter (Macarter), Samuel Gee, William Hambly, Biney Fish, James Hurlburt, Orin Hull, George More, James Brice, Thomas Taber. 2) Typed list of voyages, 1822-1835 3) Shipping Paper, Oct.- Nov. 1833: Edward C. Joy, Captain, Obed Ramsdell, Thomas Lewis, Daniel Russell, Jr., Binney B. Fish, Thomas Taber, James Bryce, Charles Ross, Dwight Mather, Levi Palmer, William Hambly, Stephen Conklin, Edward C. Walker, John Watson, John C. Grigson, Daniel Cushman, James Hurlburt, George More, Samuel Gee, Orrin O. Hull (Hall), John Micarter (Macarter).

Summary note:"Lydia III" Ship: Reel 70 1) Two promissory notes, July 31, 1840 2) Note to order Gardner and Hallett, Aug. 10, 1840, signed James Grant 3) Note to order Gardner and Hallett from Charles Gardner, Aug. 10, 1840 4) Order to Gardner and Hallett from Sarah H. Swain, Aug. 10, 1840 5) Order to Gardner and Hallett from Jared Fuller, Aug. 10, 1840 6) Order to Gardner and Hallett from John B. Orpin, Aug. 10, 1840 7) Order to Gardner and Hallett from John S. Appleton, Aug. 13, 1840 8) Mechanics Insurance Company policy, July 31, 1840 (assigned to Pacific Bank, Aug. 16, 1842) 9) Bedford Commercial Insurance Company policy, July 31, 1840 (assigned Pacific Bank Aug. 18, 1842) 10) Order to Isaac Austin, Aug. 31, 1840, signed Samuel Paine. 11) Order to John Cook, signed Daniel Mellan, Aug. 31,1840 12) Order to John Cook, Aug. 31, 1840 signed William Coffin 13) Order to John Cook by Francis McDonough, Aug. 31, 1840 14) Order to John Cook, Jr. signed Sam Short, Aug. 31, 1840 15) Policy of assurance, Merchants' Insurance Company, July 31, 184[1] (1841) 16) ANS to William Mitchell from Gideon Allen regarding insurance, New Bedford, April 2, 1843; Reel 49:009 Neg. 17) Bill of exchange signed George C. Cathcart, Oahu, Oct. 13, 1843 18) Bill of exchange signed George C. Cathcart, Oahu, Oct. 13, 1843 19) Pacific Bank account excepted James Macy, March 5, l845 20) Receipt from peoples Advocate, New London to Frederick W. Mitchell for advertising, March 12, 1845 21) Account with F. C. Sanford settled March 28, 1845 22) Receipt for advertising sale, Nantucket, March 31,1845

Summary note:"Maine" Ship [Fairhaven]: Reel 70 1) Abstract from Protest and other adjustments, Aug. 4,1847

Summary note:"Manchester" Ship: Reel 70 1) ALS from Thomas E. Coffin to Seth B. Coffin describing wreck, Valparaiso, June 26, 1855 2) Reprint of The Weekly Mirror article describing wreck, n.d.

Summary note:"Manilla" Sloop [Boston]: Reel 70 1) Certificate Coastwise, March 23, 1826

Summary note:"Marco Bozzaris" Steam Boat [New York]: Reel 70 1) Bill of Sale to Edward H. Barker, Master from Thomas Gardner, April 25, 1830 2) Newspaper clipping from The Mirror about the sale, May 10, 1930

Summary note:"Margaret" Brig: Reel 70 1) Receipt for blocks, March 10, 1810 2) Receipts from New Bedford for supplies, March 1 , 1811 and rigging, March 20, 1811 3) Receipt for hardware, March 25, 1811 4) Settlements of bills for repairs of bowsprit at Edgartown, March, 1811: charges were for hardware, rigging, spar, boat hire, bowsprit, cordage, tackle, labor 5) Sale of broken bowsprit and flying jibb, April 16, 1811

Summary note:"Maria" Ship/Bark: Reel 70 1) Typescript of journal kept by ship's carpenter, Oct. 18, 1832 - April 27, 1836 2) Bill for miscellaneous items, Oct. 1855 See Folder 181, #15 3) Newspaper clipping regarding events July 10, 1854 and March 16, 1855. 4) Typescript of a letter titled Cruise Among the Marshall Islands* Wreck of the "Maria" at Ebon by Master J.T. Blodgett. The ship's crew was rescued by the Morning Star. Island of Ebon, February 2, 1863. NOTE: Starbuck does not list any Blodgett as Master of a vessel; location of original letter: unknown.

FOLDER 119.50
Summary note:Ship "Maro", notes concerning vessel

Summary note:"Martha I" Ship: Reel 70 1) Bill of Sale from Samuel B. Swain to Joseph Mitchell, Sept. 18, 1837

Summary note:"Martha II" Ship [Fairhaven]: Reel 70 1) Shipping Paper -- Capt. Daniel Borden, Daniel H. Taber, Weston Finney, Borden Cook, John B. Chase, Abner P. Fish, Joseph Domene, Ebenezer T. Francis, William Marble, Paul M. Burns, W. W. Britt, James H. Beastall, James Starrett, John Dale, G. W. Woolverton, Henry Quigley, Frank Joseph, Benjamin Cunningham, Thomas B. Porter, William Pender, Henry M. Stetson, Carl (/?Charles) Samuel Spencer, August Pettersson, Charles Wilson, John Antoneo. 1836

Summary note:"Martha Wrightington" Bark: Reel 70 1) Shipping Paper -- Freeman E. Adams, Agent, Elihu F. Turner, Master, Nelson Rhodehouse, Asa M. Brightman, Manuel Jose Fagunda, Manuel J. Francis, Manuel Enas, John R. Quinnell, Benjamin Mosher, Prince A. Phinney, Theophilus T. Davis, Harry Winter, Robert Curran, John F. Davis, William Smith, Lewis F. Mill, Robert Fields, Gorham Baker, Lenas L. Nye, Benjamin F. Daggett, Joe Prayra, William D. Appleton, Frederick H. Long, Charles W. Crocker. July 2, 1866 2) Order to Capt. P.G. Hayden from Jacob Barker, New York, May 5, 1800 (1806?)

Summary note:"Mary" Ship [New York]: Reel :70 1) Passport and Roll of Equipae signed by Uriah Starbuck, Nov. 29, 1797 Attached papers (in French) concerning of war, Sept. 29, 1797 and June 12, 1798

Summary note:"Mary" Ship [Edgartown]: Reel 70 1) Mutual Safety Insurance policy payable to James Athearn, May 10, 1842 2) Bill of Sale, Aug. 16, 1842 3) Pacific Bank account signed James Macy, Aug. 3, 1843 4) Receipt for advertising in the Nantucket Inquirer, Aug. 5, 1843; Reel 49:009 Neg. 5) Abstract of Protest [Charles Marchant, Master], June 21, 1855

Summary note:"Mary Ann" Ship: Reel 71 1) Bill of Sale describing ship, George Hussey to Peleg Easton, March 25, 1798 2) Port Charges, Edgartown, March 26, 1808 3) Copy of ALS from S. and 0. Macy to James Freeman concerning hands for the ship, Nantucket, June 22, 1809 4) Shipping Paper -- Tristram Folger , Master, Obed Ray, Peter Russell, Daniel Dunham, Daniel Murfy (Murphy), Andrew Fisher, Reuben Ray, Jr., David York, Sam ?/Harbac, John Sattering, Phillip Winslow, ?/P. Renianin, Michael Wanton, Jacob Casco, ?/Hellora Bump, William Mingo. July 3, 1809 5) ALS from James Freeman to Capt. Sylvanus Macy about need for hands, Sandwich, July 5, 1809 6) List of clothing put on board, July 8, 1809, July 9, 1809 7) Order to pay by John Suthering, Nantucket, July 19, 1809 8) Receipt for clothing, July 26, 1809 9) Order for shipment of oil to Nantucket by Schooner "Betsy" signed by William Mooers, Master, Bonnavesta Roads, Sept. 20, 1809 10) Two receipts from William Mooers for oil freight, Nov 20 and 29, 1809 11) ALS from Tristram Folger. to Sivanus and Obed Macy describing voyage, Bonnavista Roads, 1809 12) Three receipts for disbursements to crew, 1809 13) Disbursement payable to crew signed by James Freeman, March 23, 1811 14) ALS from Tristram Folger to Silvanus and Obed Macy, Walwich Bay, Aug. 28, 1810 15) ALS from Tristram Folger to Silvanus and Obed Macy, Walwich Bay, Sept. 2, 1810 16) Promissory note, signed Hellon Bump, Sept. 24, 1810 17) Receipt for try ladle, April 7, 1810 18) ALS to Tristram Folger, Captain from James Freeman about oil, Sandwich, March 14, 1811 19) ANS to Capt. Folger from William Kelley ordering delivery of oil and bone, Nantucket, March 15, 1811 20) Receipt for crew members' clothing and miscellaneous, March 15, 1811 21) ANS from Guardian of Mashpee Plantation to Capt. Sylvanus Macy for sale of oil, Sandwich, March 16, 1811 22) Bill for labor by Joseph Fisher, March 18, 1811 23) Receipt for clothing and miscellaneous supplies, March 18, 1811 24) Disbursement to crew members, March 19, 1811 25) Account of owners with Thomas Cooke, Jr., March 20,1811 26) Disbursement to crew members, March 21, 1811 27) Disbursement signed by James Freeman, March 23, 1811 28) Bill for try ladle sold to Ship "Ranger", March 26, 1811 29) Receipt for miscellaneous articles, March 30, 1811 30) Receipt, Edgartown, March, 1811 31) Disbursement to crew members, April 1, 1811 32) Receipt for twine, April 2, 1811 33) Receipt for bread from Nathan Beebe and Sons, April 3, 1811 34) Disbursement to crew members, April 12 - 16, 1811 35) Proposal to repair ship from Isaac Parker, Nantucket, May 2, 1811 36) Port charges, Edgartown, May 24, 1811 37) Entrance and Clearance fees paid, Edgartown, June 2, 1811 38) Two accounts for clothing, 1809 and March 18, 1811 39) Receipt for labor, March 19, n.y. 40) Account for oil split among owner and crew, n.d. 41) Invoice of oil, n.d.

Summary note:"Mary and Emma" Schooner: Reel 71 1) Account by Doris Hall of ships rounding the "Horn" n.d.

Summary note:"Mary Ellen" Schooner: Reel 71 1) Bill of Sale from John Harps to Edward S. Fitzgerald, Feb. 24, 1890

Summary note:"Mary Mitchell" Ship: reel 71 1) Mutual Safety Insurance Co. policy, Aug. 16, 1842 See also Folders 10 and 37; Philip Howland Folger

FOLDER 128.50
Summary note:"Massachusetts" Steamer, Nantucket Inspector's Certificate, Sept. 8, 1856

Summary note:"Mechanic" Ship [Newport]: reel 71 1) Certificate of enrollment and discharge, Lahaina, Oct. 28, 1847 (2cc) 2) List of persons engaged, Lahaina, Oct. 29, 1847 3) List of crew added, Lahaina, Oct. 23, 1848 4) List of persons discharged, Lahaina, Nov. 10, 1848 5) Discharge of Joshua Davis, Nov. 13, 1848 6) Enrollment of Christian Nelson, 2nd mate, Hawaiian Islands, Nov. 14, 1848 7) Report that David Blake deserted on Jan. 14, 1848, Lahaina, Nov. 10, 1848 8) Persons engaged, Bay of Islands, April 21, 1849 9) Discharge of Christian Nelson, 2nd mate, Hawaiian Islands, Dec. 6, 1850

Summary note:"Milo" Schooner: reel 71 1) Insurance policy on cargo [Joseph Folger, Master]. May 9, 1817

Summary note:"Milton" Ship: reel 71 1) Agreement between Capt. James Cooper, Master of the "Empress" of London,and Thomas Sullivan, James Cooper, Charles Grant and Charles Nichols, Auckland, New Zealand, March 19,1868 2) Statement of sale of cargo, Aug. 18, 1869 . 3) Insurance policy [Charles Grant, Master], July 6, 1871 4) New Bedford Standard Times article with recollections of Captain J. H. Sherman, Feb. 1, 1935 5) ALS from John Lennon to Aunt Lydia concerning his voyage and Nantucket news. At sea, Feb. 24, 1875

Summary note:"Minerva I" Ship [Nantucket]: reel 71 1) Settlement of account with Joseph Mingro, Oct. 2, 1817

Summary note:"Minerva II" Ship [New Bedford]: reel 71 1) Reprint of letter describing damage, in The Inquirer (Col. 5, Page 2), Aug. 23, 1859 [Capt. Calvin Swain]

Summary note:"Mohawk" Ship: reel 71 1) Sea Letter signed by Franklin Pierce, President and William L.Mary, Secretary of State, Aug. 12, 1854 2) Port clearance [Charles Grant, Master], Edgartown, Aug. 12, 1854 3) Crew list, Aug. 12, 1854 - verso Certification of Citizenship - Charles Grant, Master, William S. Bebee (Beebe), Benjamin C. Gorham, Joseph F. Cathcart, Albert C. Brown, John H. Fulton, John A. Anderson, David Townsend, John Donaval, John Smith, John King, James Doughlas (Douglass), William C. Shaw, Edward Berry, Alexander Carpenter, John Lewis, John Marpier, Alexander Swain, Flores Clark, George Adams. 4) Manifest of cargo, Russell Colony, New Zealand, April 7, 1855 5) Clearance paper, Apia, July 1, 1857 6) Manifest of cargo, Russell Colony, New Zealand, March 15,1858 7) Port clearance, Edgartown, May 19, 1859 8) Crew list [George H. Swain, Master], May 19, 1859 - verso Certification of Citizenship - George H. Swain, Master, Michael J. Smith, Henry W. Bears (/?Beias), Urban Smith, Prince B. Godfrey, Washington T. Fisher, Obed S. James, Henry J. Turner, Charles Frederick Harris, Thomas F. Alley, Hiram Draper, John Schafer, Bernard Collins, Theron Kelly, Albert Swain, Frank Manuel, Joseph P. Macy, Charles Morse, Zenas Adams, John Baptiste Julian, James Lewis, John M. Hall. 9) Receipt to Robert Ratliff for outfitting, Nantucket, May 25, 1859 10) Certification of desertion of Henry Meakins, alias Thomas Watkins, New Zealand, Feb. 2, 1863

Summary note:ship MONTANO 1) Promissory note from Barker and Athearn, Nantucket, Sept. 19, 1842 2) Sun Mutual Insurance Company policy, Sept. 19, 1842 3) Bottomry, Barker and Athearn, 1842 4) Warren Insurance Company policy, Dec. 17, 1844 5) Certificate of possession, April 15, 1845 6) Claim for proceeds in settlement, Edward H. Barker to James Macy, April 24, 1845 (2cc) 7) ALS to Pacific Bank regarding sale of Edward H. Barker's interest, April 29, 1845 8) Bond of indemnity, Pacific Bank to James Macy, April 30, 1845 9) Notice to Barker and Athearn regarding Bottomry Bond, April 1845 10) Edward H. Barker's tender to Pacific Bank, May 5, 1845 11) ALS to Pacific Bank from Colby Clifford about payment for cargo, New Bedford, May 6, 1845 Reel 49:011 Neg. 12) Receipt for expenses to New Bedford by William Mitchell, May 7, 1845 13) Account excepted James Macy, June 4, 1845 14) Copy of account, original sent to Clifford, June 6, 1845 15) Mediterranean Passport, [Uriah Russell, Master], signed by James Polk, President, and James Buchanan, Secretary of State, Aug. 13, 1845 FOR SUPERVISED RESEARCH ONLY! ***This encapsulated document has been moved to a flat file in the map room. 16) ALS to the Pacific Bank from Colby and Clifford regarding James Macy's refusal to pay the proceeds of 1/4 cargo, New Bedford, April 28, 1846 17) Copy of ALS from E. H. Barker to James Macy, n.d. 18) Copy of Barker and Athearn's Bottomry Bond 19) Order to Barzillia Burdett to take possession.of ship, n.d. 20) Endorsement on bond to James Macy, n.d. 21) Excerpts from log, 1845-1849

Summary note:"Monticello" Ship: reel 71 1) Bill of Sale, Nancy Rand, administratrix of the estate of Nathaniel Rand, to John H. Shaw, Jan. 15, 1854 2) Pass for American ship in European waters, 1841 signed by John Tyler, President; Reel 164 Neg. 176

Summary note:"Morning Star" Bark: reel 71 1) Notes

Summary note:"Mount Vernon" Ship: reel 71 1) Nantucket Phoenix Insurance Co. to George C. Gardner, July 11, 1832 2) Bill of Sale, George C. Gardner to John H. Shaw, Aug. 8, 1839

Summary note:"Nantucket" Ship: reel 71 1) Freight bill for oil shipped to Nantucket for Joseph Winslow [Richard C. Gibbs, Master], Talcahuano, April 1, 1854 2) Notice of attachment of Ship "Nantucket" belonging to Samuel H. Macy & John B. Macy for sale to pay Phoenix Bank. Nantucket, Oct. 9, 1826

Summary note:"Napoleon" Ship: reel 71 1) Bill of Sale, Aug. 16, 1842 2) Inquirer Mirror article about willow slips brought from St. Helena by Capt. William Plaskett, Aug. 15, 1925

Summary note:"Naushon" Steamer: reel 71 1) Inquirer and Mirror article entitled "Launching the Naushon," May 11, 1929

Summary note:"Nicholas" Ship [London]:reel 71 1) Indenture paper for Savage Wilson and George Folger, Master, Dec. 31, 1773 2) Receipt for duty, Ramsgate, London, Sept. 28, 1774

Summary note:"Niphon" Ship [Nantucket]: reel 71 1) Certificate of Registry [John Gardner, Master], Edgartown, Nov. 18, 1844 2) Receipt for consular fees, Lahaina, Aug. 5, 1848

Summary note:"North America" Ship: reel 71 1) Certificate of Registry, Nantucket, Sept. 1, 1824

Summary note:"Oak" Bark [Nantucket] 1) Certified copy of Shipping Articles [Joshua T. Chadwick, Master]. June 10, 1867

Summary note:"Oeno" Ship: reel 71 1) Copy of transcript of letter from William S. Cary to Aaron Mitchell about the massacre on Turtle Island, Feejee [sic] Islands, Feb. 17, 1828 2) Typescript of the account of the wreck of the "Oeno" written by William Cary, n.d. (Published by the Inquirer and Mirror Press as "Wrecked on the Feejees" 1922). Manuscript owned by William C. Ray of Nantucket.

FOLDER 146.50
Summary note:"Ohio" Ship: reel 71 1) Bill of Sale for tobacco, July 26, 1866

Summary note:"Olympia" Ship [New Bedford]: reel ;71 1) Protest [John Ryan, Jr., Master], June 23, 1857

Summary note:"Orange" Sloop [Nantucket]: reel 71 1) Agreement between Master [Elias Ceely], Seamen and the U.S. Congress for trade between Nantucket and the West Indies, n.d.

Summary note:"Oregon" Bark [Nantucket]: reel 71 1) Charter between C. B. Swain and Francea Gomez and Company, New York, May 11, 1852

Summary note:"Orion" Ship: reel 71 1) Receipt for ship-building, Mattapoisett, July 6, 1825 2) Receipt from Peter F. Ewer for ship-building, Mattapoisett, Nov. 9, 1825 3) Receipt from Peter F. Ewer for proportion of payment due for building ship, Jan. 30, 1826 4) Account for supplies, July 6, 1825 - Jan. 30, 1826 5) Receipt from Peter F. Ewer for flour, April 2, 1826 6) Merchants Insurance Company policy to Silvanus Ewer, [Alfred Alley, Master], May 12, 1826 7) Fifth part payment, July 3, 1826 7.50) Promise by Silvanus Ewer to pay at end of voyage. Nantucket, Oct. 28, 1826 8) Bill from Joseph Meig for putting in salt, July 7, 1826 9) Sixth part payment from Silvanus Ewer 10) Receipted bill for blacksmith's work, Sept. 4, 1826 11) Receipt for piloting from Mattapoisett, Oct. 3, 1826 12) Receipted bill for flour from Tristram Hussey, Oct.20, 1826 13) Merchants Insurance Company, Oct. 13, 1829 14) Insurance policy, Dec. 25, 1832 15) Bill of exchange, Honolulu, April 21, 1834, Oct. 27, 1834 and Oct. 29, 1834 16) Receipt from Isaac Hinckley for coppering and sheathing, Sept. 14, 1846

Summary note:"Orpha" Sloop: reel 71 1) Invoice of cargo of 2,070 gals of whale oil,candles, beans and flour worth $5100 to go to St. Barts, [Nicholas Meader, Master], signed by Benjamin Coffin and Elisha Starbuck, Nantucket, April 9, 1812

Summary note:"Ospray" Brig: reel 71 1) Warning of blockade of the River Elb, May 29, 1806

Summary note:"Packet" Brig: reel 71 1) Account of wreck as written down by W. Mitchell [1828] n.d.

Summary note:"Paragon" Ship: reel 71 1) Bill of Sale, John Jenkins to Silvanus Ewer, Sept. 15, 1825 2) Wharf bill, Dec. 4, 1825 3) Bill from William Folger. for balance of settlement on outfitting, Feb. 21, 1826

Summary note:"Peru" Ship: reel 71 1) Promissory note, John Cook, Jr. and Co. to C. G. and H. Coffin, May 24, 1848 2) Commercial Insurance Company policy, Aug. 19, 1848, signed by William R. Easton

Summary note:"Peru" Bark [Nantucket]: reel 71 1) Bill of lading by Joseph Winslow, signed by Charles Starbuck, Oct. 13, 1854 2) Notes from journal, 1851-1853

Summary note:"Peruvian" [Nantucket]: reel 71 1) Bill from Elisha Smith for miscellaneous items, Nantucket, March 7, 1848 2) Crew list compiled by Clinton T. Macy, Librarian, Aug. 27, 1948 [Edward B. Hussey, Master] - F. M. Folger, George W. Beebe, William Atwood, Joseph Francisco, --- Besente, George A. Porter, Mr. Fuller (blind?), Tom Kanaka, Cornelius Ahern, Antone Sylvia, Arnoldas Abraham (of Kema), John Julien, Martin Van Valin, -- Sandsbury, William Rundlet, Bob Kanaka (of Ascension), John C. Smith, John Baptis, Otto Muller, Marsaillo Martin, Cornelius Bolario, Patricio Bolario, Adrianis Moluto, Saltiel Howi, Hendrick Macakaw, Josep Kaliy, Lucius Cutler, Jack Kanaka, James Mackey, Henery Roberts.

Summary note:"Phenix" or "Phoenix" (Filed together) 1) Bill of Sale, Samuel H. Macy, Frederick R. Bunker and John B. Macy to William W. Macy and Thomas J. Gardner, Jan. 25, 1826 2) List of outfits, 1826 3) Insurance policy to Thomas Macy [William F. Gerald (sic), Master], Nov. 7, 1828; Starbuck notes "Phenix" Brig out of Nantucket, Fitzgerald, Master, 1826). 4) Bill for shipping silk from Canton to Philadelphia, Jan. 29, 1818. 5) Insurance policy for Sanford Wilber (sic), 1833 6) Bill of Sale 1/64th part to Joseph Mitchell, Edward W. Gardner and Edward McCleave [Israel Morey, Master], July 21, 1853 7) Bill of Sale, 1/128th part (plus 1/128th part of Lexington) to John Swain and James Ross, Oct. 31, 1853 8) Bill of Sale, 1/128th part James Ross to Obed Swain, Sept. 15, 1856.

Summary note:"Platina" Bark /New Bedford , Reel 71 1) Newspaper articles about Amos Smalley, harpooner of a white whale, 1902, n.d.

Summary note:"Ploughboy" Ship, Reel 71 1) Jackson Marine Insurance Company policy on vessel and outfits to Joshua Macy and Son, June 11, 1839 2) Premium note signed Hussey and Brothers, June 11, 1839 3) Three notes : June 21, 1839, June 26, 1839 and Jan. 2, 1842 4) Bill of Sale, Valentine Hussey- Pacific Bank, Dec.lO, 1840 5) Promissory note to Barker and Athearn from V. Hussey and Brothers, July 5, 1842 6) Pacific Bank account, Nantucket, June 17, 1843 7) Bill of Sale, Valentine Hussey and Francis F. Hussey - Pacific Bank, June 23, 1843 8) Valentine Hussey and Brothers, notes and interest, June 24, 1843 9) Valentine Hussey and Brothers notes and interest, July 4, 1843 10) Promissory note, Aug. 28, 1843 11) Agreement with Pacific Bank, Aug. 29, 1843 12) Certificate of notes held by the Pacific Bank, Nov. 25, 1843 13) Agreement between the Director of the Pacific Bank and Valentine Hussey and Brothers, 1843 14) Valentine Hussey and Brothers account of debits and credits, n.d.

Summary note:"Potomac" Ship [Nantucket], Reel 71 1) Premium note for Whaling Insurance Company, New Bedford, signed Peter Folger, Oct. 28, 1841 2) Bill of Sale, Peter Folger to Pacific Bank, April 26, 1844 3) Receipt by Pacific Bank of 1/32 of Ship "Potomac" and 1/32 of Ship "Clarkson" plus $350 from Peter and Frederick Folger, April 26, 1844 4) Agreement between Peter Folger and the Pacific Bank, May 5, 1845 5) Settlement with Peter. Folger by the Pacific Bank, 1846 6) Note about Philip Spencer, n.d. 7) Bill of Sale, Thomas Macy to Capt. Charles Grant, n.d.

Summary note:"Rainbow" Schooner, Reel 71 1) Bill of Sale, Joseph B. Macy to Charles Grant, April 25, 1864

Summary note:"Ranger" Ship, Reel 71 1) Obligation by G. Winchester to pay Roswell March his proceeds from the voyage, Oct. 19, 1810 2) The Nantucket lnquirer article copied, Feb. 7, 1838

Summary note:"Rapid", Sloop, Reel 71 1) Bill of Sale, William Easton to Gideon Gardner, Aug. 11, 1823

Summary note:"Rebecca R. Douglas" Schooner, Reel 71 1) Inquirer and Mirror article about wreck off Cape May, New Jersey, May 22, 1943

Summary note:"Robert McClintock" Schooner [Maryland], Reel ;71 1) Photocopy of LS from Lloyd's Register of Shipping about ownership, April 6, 1967 2) Photocopy of exhibit material giving history and two pages of plans

Summary note:"Roman" Ship [New Bedford], reel 71 1) Bill of Sale, Edward C. Jones to Sanford Wilber (sic) Nov. 15, 1847 2) Mutual Marine Insurance Company policy, Nov. 16, 1847 3) ALS from M. W. Jernegan to Dr. Gardner mentioning loss in the arctic in 1871, Nov. 18, 1948 4) Pacific Insurance Company policy, April 20, 1849 5) Commercial Insurance Company policy, Nantucket, Feb. 27, 1850 6) Policy of assurance by Josesh B. Swain, Jan. 10, 1854 7) Printed diary of Laura Jernegan

Summary note:"Rose" Ship [Nantucket] 1) ALS from Acting Consul to Capt. Benjamin Coleman regarding the actions of the crew, Paita, May 7, 1828 2) Receipt for manifest stamp, signed Benjamin Starbuck, May 7, 1838 3) Discharge by mutual consent to Joseph Sylvia signed by Obed Coleman, Nov. 30, 1838 4) Receipt for ship's papers. Olahiti, Nov. 31, 1838 5) Receipt for Register, n.d.

Summary note:"Rose" Merchant Vessel, reel 71 1) Manifest for 86 lbs tea imported by Paul Gardner, March 4, 1805 2) Manifest for 85 lbs tea (transcript included)

Summary note:"Russell" Ship [New Bedford] reel 71 See Folders 171 and 183

Summary note:"Sacramento" Schooner, reel 71 l) Moore and Folger's bill noting sale at auction and including bills from Ship "Charles Carroll" and Ship "Russell", April 21, 1854

Summary note:"Sankaty" Steamer, reel 71 1) Inquirer and Mirror article entitled "What Has Become of the Sankaty?", Sept. 12, 1931

Summary note:"Sarah" Ship, reel 71 1) Promissory note from William Upham to George B. Elkins, Nantucket, July 13, 1839; reel neg. 49:011 2) Mutual Safety Insurance Company policy to James Athearn and George Myrick, Jr., Jan 24, 1842 3) Note and assignment signed G.B.E., 1837, 1839, 1841, 1842 4) Schedule sundry claims James Athearn to George B. Elkins including account of interest in the Ship "Montano", Nantucket, April 6, 1843 5) G. B. Elkins' account in Pacific Bank (including account concerning the Ship "Montano") April 12, 1843 6) ANS to William Mitchell from H. G. V. Colby returning Bottomry Bond, May 11, 1843; reel neg. 49:011 7) ANS to William Mitchell from Colby Clifford about Bottomry Bond, New Bedford, May 16, 1843; reel neg. 49:011 8) ALS to William Mitchell from Colby Clifford about a warrant against the ship, New Bedford, July 16, 1843; reel neg. 49:011 9) ANS to William Mitchell from J. H. Clifford about the loss of the ship, July 18, 1943; reel neg. 49:011 10) ANS, New York, July 20, 1843 11) Sheriff's fee for attempting to board ship, paid by the Pacific Bank to U. Gardner, July 27, 1843 12) Receipt for legal fees by C. G. and H. Coffin, Nantucket, July 29, 1843; reel neg. 49:011 13) ANS to William Mitchell from Colby S. Clifford about the Bottomry Bond and the case of Aaron Mitchell, New Bedford, March 28, 1844; reel neg. 49:011 14) ALS from G. B. Elkins to F. W. Mitchell about Bottomry Bond, New York, Aug. 9, 1844 15) Receipt for travel expenses signed by William Jordon, Oct. 22, 1844 16) Contract between George B. Elkins and the Pacific Bank, Nov. 8, 1845 17) Copy of ALS to Howland and Aspinwell about the Bottomry Bond suit from lawyer for the Pacific Bank, n.d.

Summary note:"Sarah Parker" Packet, reel 71 1) Inquirer and Mirror story about passenger Charlotte Coffin Gardner, Nov. 29, 1941

Summary note:"Sarah W. Hunt Schooner [New Bedford], reel 71 1) Shipping Paper [Sanford S. Miner, Master], 1886,William H. Young, George A. Schumacher, Charles Carew, Thomas Clark, Jerome Lopez, James H. Smith, John Power, *John J. Ryan, *Thomas O'Brien, *Timothy Harrington - (* Deserted at New Bedford), Michael Saunders, William McKenzie, Joseph H. Leschauder, Raymond Aparicio, Barney Power, Thomas Bryers, Joseph Degrass, William Lawson.

Summary note:OMITTED

Summary note:"Scotland" Ship [Nantucket] reel 71 1) Shipping Articles, Nov. 8, 1849 [Temperance Ship - "No ardent spirits allowed on board"] 2) Clipping, June 3, 1850; yellow fever on board at Rio deJanerio, crew listed.

Summary note:"Sea Queen" Bark [Westport, Mass.] 1) Receipt for barrels of oil by Nathan S. Smith of the Bark "Isaac", April 5, 1867 2) Guarantee no contageous diseases aboard, Oct. 21, 1868. 3) Receipt from T. Edwards for provisions left by Capt. Charles C. Mooers, Aug. 14, 1867

Summary note:"Sophia" Schooner, reel 71 1) Bill of Sale, John Cook, Jr. to C. G. and H. Coffin and Charles B. Swain, Oct. 21, 1847 2) Power of attorney to C. G. and H. Coffin and Charles B. Swain by John Cook, Jr., Feb. 5, 1850 3) Promissory note from John Cook, Jr. to C. G. and H. Coffin and Charles B. Swain, Feb. 5, 1850

Summary note:"Spartan" Ship, reel 71 1) Certification of oil trans-shipped from the American Ship "York" to Nantucket, Apia, June 28, 1853 2) Bill of lading and invoice of cargo consigned to Henry Winsor, Jr. by Capt. James Wyer, Apia, July 8, 1853

Summary note:"Speedwell" Sloop, reel 71 1) Clearance Paper, March 13, 1784 2) Tonnage Certificate, Philadelphia, March 31, 1784 3) Clearance Paper, Sept. 3, 1784 4) Permit to Micajah Coffin to have oil, whalebone and codfish landed, Philadelphia, Sept. 3, 1784 5) Receipt for food, Sept. 6, 1784 6) Invoices of flour provided Capt. Coffin: Sept.6, 1784, Sept. 7, 1784, Sept. 8, 1784, Sept. 9, 1784 7) Manifest of soap, Sept. 7, 1784 8) Manifest of iron bars, Sept. 9, 1784 9) Manifest of crackers and bread, Sept. 10,..1784 10) Manifest of bran, Sept. 11, 1784 11) Receipt for coffee and cotton, Sept. 13 n.y. 12) Receipt for sundry items, June 1785 13) Receipt for flour and soap, plus freight and wharfage, June, 1785 14) Invoice for shipment of potash, Norwich, June 17, 1785 15) Three receipts for potash to be delivered to Nantucket and reshipped to London on the Ship "Maria" [Capt. Mooers], June 7, 1785 16) Receipt for pearl ashes to be delivered to William Rotch, Nantucket, Norwich, June 17, 1785 17) ANS to Capt. Coffin from Ebenezer and Simeon Thomas requesting papers and bill of lading, Norwich, June 17, 1785 18) Micajah Coffins account of trip to Philadelphia, Sept. 1787

Summary note:OMITTED

Summary note:"Spermo" Ship, reel 71 1) Signals of Ship "Spermo" and Ship "Russell" agreed upon between James Bunker, Master and F[rederick] Arthur, n.d.

Summary note:"Statira" Brig, reel 71 1) ALS to T. W. Taylor from Jonathon J. Berney authorizing the sale of brig, May 20, 1815 "Star of the West", California Steamer 1) Inquirer Extra broadside announcing ship arrived in New York from California. Nantucket October 4, 1867

Summary note:"Sukey" Ship [Nantucket], reel 72 1) Head, Dec. 1808 2) Sale of rights by James Peirce to Samuel Jenks, June 6, 1809, April 14, 1810 3) Sale of 1/2 lay by Robbin Easton to Roswell March, Nantucket, June 20, 1809 4) Sale of 3/4 lay Bristol Suell to Roswell March, Nantucket, June 20, 1809 5) Sale of 1/2 lay by George Washington Gardner to Silvanus Ewer, June 20, 1809 6) Sale of 1/2 lay by Thomas Nickels to Rowell March, Nantucket, June 20, 1809 7) Receipt for medicine chest, Nantucket, June 22, 1809 8) Richard Weaden's order to pay all his voyage to Abel Coffin, Nantucket, June 23,1809 9) Shipping Paper [George W. Gardner, Capt], June 1809--John Macy, Seth Coffin, Jr., Joseph Brown, Obed Swain, William Coffin, John King, Joseph Parker, John Allen, ?/Bristol Puell (Brewster Tuell - Tuel), Robbin Easton, Thomas Nickels, George Washington, Richard Weaden, James Pease. -10) Order by Roswell pay lay of four black men to Capt. George Washington Gardner, July 5, 1809 11) Abel Coffin's receipt for portion of lay from Capt. George W. Gardner , July 1809 12) List of disbursements, 1809-1811 13) John Macy's account of labor, 13,1811 14) Receipt from John Brock for recruiting medicine chest, June 13 1811 15) Order by Samuel Jenks 2/3 of James Peirce's voyage to Tristram Macy, Nantucket, June 22 1811 16) Accounts from June 12 to June 24, 1811 sewn into booklet 17) John Macy's accounts of men's labor

Summary note:"Susan" Ship [Nantucket], reel 72 1) Bill of Sale, Aaron Mitchell to Charles Folger, Nov. 5, 1846 2) Settlement of outfit [Capt. Frederick Swain] March 29, 1847 3) Note for payment received by Pacific Bank. Jan. 17, 1852

Summary note:"Tarquin" Ship [Nantucket] 1) Extract from log book [Capt. D. Bunker], Dec. 14, 1824 to March 14, 1826

Summary note:"Teazer" Sloop [Norwich, Conn], reel 72 1) Bill of Sale, James L. Ripley to John Riddell, June 10,1836 2) Bill of Sale, Frederick Prentice to John Riddell, June 10, 1836 3) Bill of Sale, Edward S. Story to John Riddell, June 16, 1836 4) Bill of Sale, Samuel Story to John Riddell, June 16, 1836

Summary note:"Thomas" [Boston], reel 72 1) Receipt for ballast [George T. Folger, Master], London, May 4, 1775

Summary note:"Three Brothers" Ship, reel 72 1) Typed history of ship.

Summary note:"Topaz" Ship [Boston], reel 72 1) Photograph of page of journal kept by Mayhew Folger, Master, Feb.4, 1808 (transcript included)

Summary note:"Trident" Ship, reel 72 1) Certificate in Spanish, Paita, Sept 6, 1862 2) Certificate in Spanish, Tumbes, Sept. 16, 1862

FOLDER 192.5
Summary note:AD "Sea Account" February 11, by Eben Gardner, (ms. copy by William Randall) of the wreck of the ship "Two Brothers," Captain Pollard, on uncharted reefs north of the Sandwich Islands. Crew all rescued by ship "Martha."

Summary note:"Tyleston" Brig [Nantucket], reel 72 1) Bill of Sale, Edward W. Gardner to Joseph Mitchell, Oct. 25, 1853

Summary note:"Union" Brig, reel 72 1) Typed copy of the Introduction and Chapter XVI to "The Voyage of the Brig "Union" from the book, "Voyages and Discoveries in the South Seas, 1792-1832" by Captain Edmund Fanning, a Native of Stonington, Conn., Marine Research Society, Salem, Mass., 1924

FOLDER 194.50
Summary note:"Union" Sloop, reel 72 1) Awards claim for capture by French in 1803, April 18, 1837

Summary note:"Unity" Sloop [Nantucket] 1) Bill of Sale, Jethro Mitchell and Sons, Jonathan Jenkins and Prince Gardner to John Hussey and Reuben Ray, June 4, 1796

Summary note:"Wade" Bark [New Bedford], reel 72 1) Protest, Sept. 21, 1850

Summary note:"Walter Scott" Ship, reel 72 1) Passport given Aug. 13, 1844, signed by John Tyler, President and Abel P. Upskin, Secretary of State 2) Excerpts from Journal, [Charles Grant, Master], 1840-1844

Summary note:"William and Henry" Bark [Fairhaven], reel 72 1) Survey, Horta, Island of Fayal, Nov. 8, 1871 2) Survey, Horta, Island of Fayal, Nov. 10, 1871 3) Notes on insurance

Summary note:"Wolga" Bark [Fairhaven] 1) Statement of facts [W. H. Crowell, Master], New Bedford, Feb. 9, 1857

Summary note:OMITTED

Summary note:"York" Ship, reel 72 1) Receipt for purchases of oil at auction by Thain and Wing of Nantucket, Apia, June 28, 1853 2) Invoice for goods shipped by James Wyer [William McHendry, Master], Apia, June 28, 1853 (autograph copy included)

Summary note:"Young Hero" Ship [Nantucket], reel 72 1) ALS informing Commercial Insurance Company of abandonment of ship burned at Lahaina, May 25, 1858 2) List of dimensions, materials and supplies needed for a new ship, n.d.

Summary note:"Young Eagle" Ship [Nantucket], reel 72 1) Discharge paper for Wilford J. DeBerand, Paita, Sept. 7,1833

Summary note:"Zephyr" Ship [New Bedford], reel 72 1) Abstract from Protest, July 29, 1849

Summary note:"Zone" Ship, reel 72 1) Receipted bill, Robert Ratliff, Nov. 8, 1838 2) Bill of lading, sheathing copper, Joseph Macy & Son, Nov. 14, 1838 3) Receipted bill, J. Trafton, Nov. 15, 1838 4) Receipted bill for duck fabric, Josiah Bradlee and Co.,Dec. 4, 1838 5) Receipted bill, John H. Randall, Dec. 11, 1838 6) Receipted bill, J. L. Trafton, Dec. 1838 (missing 5/2004) 7) Receipted bill for freight, Edward H. Backus, 1838 8) Receipted bill, Charles F. Gardner, 1838 9) Receipted bill, Joseph Edwards, 1838- 1839 10) Receipted bill for sundries, Albert W. Starbuck, 1838-1839 11) Receipted bill for miscellaneous, A. I. Folger,1838-1839 12) Receipted bill for paint, Thomas D. Morris, 1838-1839 13) Receipted bill for miscellaneous, Thomas Smith,April 3, 1839 14) Mechanics Insurance Company policy, James Athern, April 11, 1839 15) Bill of Sale, Reuben Baxter, April 14, 1839 16) Note, Francis Ellis, April 20, 1839 17) Receipted bill, William C. Swain, April 20, 1839 18) Receipted bill for flags (paving stones), George G. Fish, April 22,1839 19) Receipted bill, Benjamin Nye, April 26, 1839 20) Receipted bill, Thomas S. Sayer, April 27, 1839 21) Receipted bill for conveyance, A. Paddock, April 27, 1839 22) Receipted bill, J. B. Lawrence, April 27, 1839 23) Receipted bill, William M. Dawson, April 30, 1839 24) Promissory note from James Athearn, April 183 25) Receipted bill for table cover and cloth, I. Lawrence and Company, May 7, 1839 26) Receipted bill for 12 spades & 6 lances, Charles R. Paddock, May 9, 1839 27) Note to Josiah Gorham, May 9, 1839 (missing 5/2004) 28) Receipted bill for spar, Samuel Osborn, May 10, 1839 29) Receipted bill, Jarvis Bourne, May 11, 1839 30) Note to pay, signed Charles Hayes, May 11, 1839 31) Note to pay, signed Robert Wilson, May 11, 1839 32) Bill for conveyance, A. Paddock, May 12, 1839 33) Receipted bill for dry apples, S. G. Bourne, May 13, 1839 34) Receipted bill for sundries, William P. Chadwick, Edgartown MA, May 15, 1839 35) Receipted bill, Henry Butler, Edgartown MA May 16, 1839 36) Receipted bill for stores, Pease and Weeks, Edgartown MA, May 16, 1839 37) Receipted bill for clearnace, Edgartown MA, May 16, 1839 38) Note, Jesse Stansberry, Edgartown MA, May 17, 1839 39) Note to pay, Allan Hilton, Edgartown MA, May 17, 1839 40) Note to pay, signed Peter Parker, Edgartown MA, May 17, 1839 41) Note to pay, signed John Thompson, Edgartown MA, May 17, 1839 42) Note to pay, signed John Williams, May 17, 1839 43) Note to pay, signed Joseph Foster, May 17, 1839 44) Note to pay, Charles Coffin, May 17, 1839. 45) Note to pay, signed Francis Johnson, May 17, 1839 46) Note to pay, signed Henry Dutcher, May 17, 1839 47) Note to pay, signed Joseph Melliphant, May 17, 1839 48) Note to pay, signed George Taylor, May 17, 1839 49) Note to pay, signed Charles Hayes, May 17, 1839 50) Note to pay, signed Peter Williams, May 17, 1839 51) Receipted bill for freight, Gorham Macy for Daniel Bunker, Nantucket MA, May 17, 1839 52) Note to pay, signed John Clark, Nantucket MA, May 18, 1839 53) Receipted bill for sundries, George C. Ray, Nantucket MA, May 19,1839 54) Receipted bill, Charles H. Wyer, May 20, 1839 55) Receipted bill, Edward Hammond, Nantucket MA, May 21, 1839 56) Bill and reciept for candles and oil, James Athearn, May 21, 1839 57) Receipted bill, Edward Macy, May 1839 58) Receipted bill for casks and shooks, Reuben Meader, Nantucket MA, May 1839 59) Receipted bill for wharfage, Joseph Mayhew, Edgartown MA, May 1839 60) Bill for James Athearn for ship's stores and supplies, May 1839 61) Receipted bill for whale oil, Daniel Fuller, May 1839 62) Receipted bill for punching copper, E. M. Hinckley, Nantucket MA, May 1839 63) Receipted bill for wedge, Thomas A. Gardner, June 4, 1839 64) Receipted bill, Edward P. Coffin, Nantucket MA, June 4, 1839 65) Receipted bill, B. and T. Folger, Nantucket MA, June 9, 1839 66) Receipted bill for vinegar, William Gifford, Nantucket MA, June 12, 1839 67) Receipted bill for beef, G. Macy and Son, June 12,1839 68) Receipted bill for piloting, B. Cottle, Nantucket MA, June 13, 1839 69) Receipted bill for miscellaneous items, Thomas G. Barnard, Nantucket MA, June 15, 1839 70) Receipted bill for lumber, N. and L. Sturtevant, Nantucket MA, July 2, 1839 71) Receipted bill for miscellaneous, Barker and Athearn, Nantucket MA, July 10, 1839 72) Receipted bill for spruce spar, D. And A. Macy, Nantucket MA, July 13, 1839 73) Receipted bill for labor, Charles Macy, July 25, 1839 74) Receipted bill for miscellaneous, John G. Whippey, July 1839 75) Receipted bill, Charles Easton, Nantucket MA, Aug. 22, 1839 76) Receipted bill for barrels, William Watson, Nantucket MA, Aug. 1839 77) Policy of assurance, Mechanics Insurance Company, Philip H. Folger, Nantucket MA, Sept. 16, 1839 78) Receipted bill for repairing compasses, spyglass & time glasses, Walter Folger Jr., Nantucket MA, Sept. 1839 79) Receipted bill for shooks for Ship Zone & Ship Atlantic, George Fitch, Nantucket MA, Oct. 10, 1839 80) Receipted Bill, Aaron Mitchell, Oct. 18/21, 1839 81) Receipted bill, N. Tallant, 1839 82) Receipted bill, Charles Valentine and Company, 1839 83) Receipted Bill, F. F. Swain, Nantucket MA, 1839 84) Shipping Paper, 1839 - Edwin W. Hiller (Captain), William J. Gardner (1st mate), Thomas Hussey (2nd mate), Charles H. Pitman (3rd mate), Timothy P. Gorham (boat turner), Joseph Murphy (cooper), Joseph Melliphant (stuward), John Thompson (seaman), John Williams (seaman), Joseph Foster(seaman), Charley Coffin (seaman), George Taylor (boy), Peter Parker (seaman), Frank Johnson (seaman), Benjamin Ellis (boy), Allan ?/Huson (seaman), Jesse Stansbury (seaman), Henry Dulcher (seaman), Robert Wilson (carpenter), William Jackson (blacksmith), Peter Williams (cook), Charles Hueges (?/Hayes - Flueges) (seaman), George W. Case (boy). 85) Receipted bill for notes, John Cook, Jr. and Company, 1839 86) Receipted bill for pilotage, Francis Coffin, Edgartown MA, 1839 87) Bill for ship's stores. Peleg Mitchell, Nantucket MA, 1839 88) Receipted bill for stores, Swain and Mitchell, 1839 89) Receipted bill, Job Coleman, 1839 90) Receipted bill, George Luce, Nantucket MA, 1839 91) Receipted bill, Alexander L. Adams, 1839 92) Receipted bill for stores, Samuel S. Salsbury, Nantucket MA, 1839 93) Receipted bill for labor, M. H. Swift, Nantucket MA, 1839 94) Receipted bill for ship's stores and supplies, Andrew J. Folger, 1839 95) Agreement of sale to Joseph Gorham and Obed Barney by James Athearn, Nantucket MA, Jan. 1, 1840 96) Receipted bill, 0. C. Gardner, Wharfinger, Nantucket MA, Jan. 4, 1840 97) Receipt signed James Athearn, Jan. 11, 1840 98) Receipted bill, Val. Hussey and Brothers, Jan. 14, 1840 99) Receipted bill, Ellen H. Baker, Nantucket MA, Jan. 1840 100) Receipted bill for miscellaneous, Edward Field, Feb. 24, 1840 101) Premium note, Bedford Commercial Insurance Company, James Athearn, March 16, 1840 102) Bedford Commercial Insurance Company policy, James Athearn, March 17, 1840 103) Promissory note to Bedford Commercial Insurance Company by James Athearn, March 16, 1840 104) Pacific Insurance Company policy, March 17, 1840 105) Receipt, James Athearn, July 1, 1841 106) Bill of exchange, Tahiti; Edwin W. Hiller, April 4,1841 107) Bill of exchange, Nantucket MA, June 13, 1841 108) Bill of exchange, Tahiti, Sept. 12, 1841 109) Note, Tahiti, Edwin W. Hiller, Sept. 19, 1841 110) Exchange, Edwin W.Hiller, Dec. 25, 1841 111) Certificate, James Macy, Jan, 18, 1842 112) ALS to James Athearn from 0. Barney, Jan. 19, 1842 113) ALS to Josiah Gorham (Edgartown MA) from James Athearn (Nantucket MA) regarding payments, Jan. 26, 1842 114) Receipt of note, James Athearn, April 4, 1842 115) Exchange, signed Edwin W. Hiller, Talcahuano, April 19, 1842 116) Mutual Safety Insurance Policy, R.H. Folger, May 10, 1842 117) Promissory note to James Athearn, Mutual Safety Insurance Company, Nantucket MA, May 10, 1842 118) Receipted bill services rendered in Edgartown MA, June 26, 1842 119) Receipt for interest, James Athearn, July 1, 1842 120) Bill of Sale of ship to Pacific Bank of Nantucket, James Athearn, Aug. 16, 1842 121) Notice to pay signed James Athearn, Edgartown MA, Aug.15, 1842 122) Receipt, James Athearn, Aug. 23, 1842 123) Promise to pay, Obed Barney, Nantucket MA, Oct. 17, 1842 124) ALS to Josiah Gorham from James Athearn, Edgartown MA, Oct. 20, 1842 125) Promise to pay, Josiah Gorham, Oct. 25, 1842 126) Promise to pay, Obed Barney, Nantucket MA, Nov. 4, 1842 127) Memorandum of amount paid J. Athearn by Gorham and Barney, 1840-1842 128) Amount of interest paid James Athearn on account, 1840- 1842 129) Note to Obed Barney, Dec. 15, 1842 130) Memorandum of a note, 1842 131) Receipt, James Athearn, Jan. 1, 1843 132) ALS to William Mitchell from Leavitt Thaxter about forwarding Bill of Sale, Edgartown, Jan. 21 1843, reel 49:009 Neg 133) ANS to William Mitchell from the Pacific Insurance Company consenting to ship transfer, New Bedford, March 21, 1843; reel 49:009 Neg. 134) ANS to William Mitchell from Leavitt Thaxter about forwarding Bill of Sale, Edgartown MA, April 1, 1843; reel 49:009 Neg. 135) Bill of Sale to Barney and Gorham, April 7, 1843 136) Copy of Director's note, April 7, 1843 137) Proof of ownership, David Baxter, April 15, 1843 138) Copies of Tender and Notices for Obed Barney, May 9,1843 139) Second Tender to Gorham and Barney, May 9, 1843 139(a) Record of conversation between David Joy and Josiah Gorham, May 10, 1843 140) Receipted bill, E.W. Cobb for the Pub., May 31, 1843 141) Receipted bill, Obed B. Swain, Wharfinger, June 28,1843 142) Receipted bill, Robert Ratliff, Nantucket MA, Sept. 16, 1843 143) Receipted bill, G. G. Folger, Nantucket MA, Oct. 11, 1843 144) Receipted bill, Charles Mitchell, Nantucket MA, Oct. 20, 1843 145) Copy account with ship, 1843 146) Pacific Bank account with ship, James Macy - Agent, Nantucket MA, 1843 147) Receipted bill for retainer, Colby and Clifford, 1843, 1844 & 1845 148) ALS George G. Coffin (for B. Lindsey) to William Mitchell , New Bedford, Oct. 25, 1847 149) Account of oil soap taken by the men: Joseph Murchy, Jesse Stunsburg, Henry Dutcher, Robert Wilson, Allen Hilton, George Taylor, Charley Coffin, John Alexander, Peter Parker, William Jackson, Frank Johnson, John Williams, Peter Williams, Charles Hays, John Thompson. 150) Quitclaim bill of sale, James Athearn to John T. Burrill, Nantucket MA, April 13, 1839. 151) Contract regarding sale 152) Notes about bonds (etc): Alexander Ray, Charles Bunker, Zenas Coleman, Charles Mitchell, Samuel B. Folger, James Athearn, William C. Starbuck, Peter H. Folger, Peter H. Folger II, Hussey Folger, F.G. Sanford, F.G. Sanfor II ; no signatures. 153) ALS from Publisher People's Advocate, New London CT, Nov. 1, 1849. 154) Promissory note, Josiah Gorham, Apnil 1, 1842 155) Copy of contract J. Athearn with 0. Barney and J. Gorham (original inside), Nantucket MA, January 1, 1874. (?) 156) Receipt, James Athearn, July 15, 1845. 157) Receipted bill, William Mitchell 158) Power of attorney by the Directors of the Pacific Bank of Nantucket: Levi Starbuck, Christopher Wyer, F.W. Mitchell, Charles Mitchell, Matthew Crosby, Richard Mitchell, John W. Barrett, David Joy, n.d. 159) Receipted bill, John G. Thurber, Nantucket MA, June 1, 1839. 160) Receipted bill, George H. Folger, Nantucket MA, Aug., n.y. 161) Receipted bill for shooks etc, George C. Gardner, n.d. 162) Receipt for itemized labor, n.d. 163) Receipt for bricks, J. and N. Fitzgerald, April 1839. 164) Receipt for supplies, Charles B. Swain, 1839 165) Receipt for purchase of Ship Zone, Nantucket MA, July 1, 1841.

Summary note:Papers pertaining to multiple ships, foreign ships or to ships without individal folders:(papers in folder not arranged chronologically) 1. Photostatic copy of shipment invoice for Brig "Beaver" Nantucket, June 26,1773 2. Photostatic copy of shipment invoice for Ship "Dartmouth" Nantucket, July 4, 1774. 3. Photocopy of ALS from William Warren to his parents, mentions docking in Nantucket with Ship "Caesar." Dartmouth, May 6, 1777. 4. Copy of Permit to pass for schooner "Charming Betsy," Benjamin Cartwright, Master. Signed by Thomas Jefferson, President. Nantucket, June 17, 1801. 5. Copy of Permit to pass for schooner "Charming Betsy" Benjamin Cartwright , Master. Nantucket, June 17, 1801. 6. Power of Attorney to William Mitchell from James Athearn in regard to the Ships "Franklin," "Napoleon," "Edward Cary," "Atlantic," "Lydia," and "Zone." Aug. 16, 1842 7. Power of Attorney to William Mitchell re: the ships "Mary," "Napoleon," Zone," "Lydia," "Atlantic," and "Franklin." Aug. 16, 1842 8. Guarantee of pymt.given by P.H. Folger re: the ships "Congress and "Franklin" Dec. 30, 1842 9. ALS from P[hilip Howland] (Philip Howland) Folger to the president of the Pacific Bank re: policies concerning the ships "Atlantic," "Clarkson" "Edward Cary," "Japan," "Mary" Montano," and "Zone." April 18, 1843 10. ALS re: securities given by James Athearn to the Pacific Bank concerning ships "Franklin," "Napoleon," "Atlantic," "Zone", Mary," "Edward Cary," "Lydia," "Harvest," "Baltic," "Nantucket," and "Sarah." June 2, 1846 11. Copy of account of James Athearn with the Pacific Bank re: Ships "Zone," "Atlantic," "Mary, " "Lydia," "Franklin," "Edward Cary," and "Sarah." June 22, 1846 12. Bill of sale of the ships "Lydia," "Franklin," and "Edward Cary," to Colby and Clifford, July 14, 1847 13. Receipt for the Pacific Bank for policies on the ships "Franklin" and "Montano," Nov. 1849 14. Schedule of securities given by James Athearn to the Pacific Bank concerning the ships "Edward Cary," "Zone," "Atlantic," "Mary," "Lydia," "Franklin," and "Clarkson" n.d. 15. (Copy of document forwarded to C.P. Curtis in connection with the case of G.B. Elkins.) James Athearn's collateral regarding the ships "Edward Cary," "Sarah," "Harvest, " "Baltic," "Atlantic," "Zone" "Mary," "Franklin," "Lydia," and "Clarkson," n.d. Bill of sale concerning ships "Mary" "Napoleon," "Lydia" "Franklin" "Clarkson," "Edward Cary," "Zone," n.d. 16. Insurance memoranda regarding the ships "Lydia," "Edward Cary," and "Franklin," n.d. 17. List of policies on ships "Franklin," "Mary," "Clarkson," "Atlantic," "Sarah," "Edward Cary," "Lydia," and "Zone," n.d. 18. List of premium notes paid by Pacific Bank on ships "Zone," "Lydia," "Atlantic," "Mary," "Sarah," "Franklin," "Montano," "Edward Cary," and "Clarkson," n.d. 19. Payment of shares to Peter Folger from capt. J.C. Chase, n.d. 20. Bill for blocks to sloop "Portland," Aug. 1773 and for shewing to sloop "Tartar," Oct. 29, 1773 21. ANS to Capt. of the Bark "Mexican," requesting delivery of goods to the "Beaver," n.d. 22. ALS from George H. Gifford to Mrs. Eliza Gifford mentioning barks "Hesper," "Corian," "Richard Mitchell," and "Joseph Maxwell" May 24, 1845. 23. Photocopy of certificate making Thomas N. Russell, Master of the Ship "Corinthian" signed by Matthew Howland New Bedford, July 6, 1854. 24. ALS to the Pacific Bank from Cartwright and Thayer re: the schooner "Aerial," June 21, 1838 25. ALS to Pacific Bank re: Schooner "Amason," June 12, 1838 26. Receipted bill for wall stone. sloop "Bolivar," Capt. Rogers, May 29, 1837 27. ALS from Charles S. Watts reminiscing about voyage on Brig "Ceylon," Capt. [Henry] Defrees. Mate Whitney, 2nd Mate Smith. Boston, Feb. 3, 1870 28. Excerpt from Journal of Ship "Syren," Capt. Frederick Coffin, describing battle with natives of Palau Island, 1823 29. Account for Schooner "Dolphin," signed by John Swain, 4th month 1777 30. Certificate for purchase of sailing schooner "Duhnen." Nov. 21, 1846 31. Receipt for oil per ship "Elizabeth," PHiladelphia, April 7, 1843 32. Apportionment of Loss of Schooner "Ellen, n.d. 33. AN concerning Ship "Indemnity's" whaling voyage out of London, Oct. 13, n.y. 34. Receipt for payment of certificate of enrollment and license for Sloop "Juno," Richard Gurner, Master. Dec. 6, 1811 35. Receipt to Giles Stanton for Sloop "Junoto" n.d. Bill for shoes for ship "Kingston" from Baker and Barrett, June 4, 1825 36. Account for interest on E. Swift's bill found pinned to the Sloop "Lion's" account 1822. 37. Ship "Loper" typescript of letter from [seaman] John Haven[s]. Feb. 18, 1825 38. Receipt for schooner "Martha Washington." 39. Discharge papers for crew of Ship "Montpelier." Nov. 11, 184? 40. Cost and earnings of schooner "Onward." 1867 41. Fragment from log of "Penelope" on whaling voyage from Dunkirk to coast of Greenland, 1788 42. Receipt for sperm oil per schooner, "Philadelphia" April 27, 1843 43. ALS to William Owen from C.D. Symeds on the "R.L. Barstow". Boston, Dec. 10, 1866 44. Bill for clearance for ship "Samuel," Edgartown, April 5, 1809 45. Description of rescue of soldiers from Ship "Stodegor?" June 1864 46. ANS concerning wreck of "The Three Bells" Aug. 20, 1894 47. Photocopy of ALS to Dwight Baldwin from Charles W. Coffin sending supplies,describing successful voyage of the "Narragansett," and praising temperance. Ship "Narragansett" Jan. 20, 1843. 48. Note by Diana Brown re: capture of Ships Hero and Baleine by Letter of Marque Swallow. 49. Photocopy of records of ships' activity including ships "Dauphin", "Foster," "Lady Adams" and "Reaper". Valparaiso, Chile, March 1821 50. Certificate of purchase of Ship "Duhnen" ("Yankee") November 21, 1946 51. Page from log of Bark "Lizzie", Samuel L. Hurd, Master from Boston to Buenos Aires. n.d. 53. History of sailings of the ship "Omega," 1826-1857 [possibly recorded by Ms. Algard, Reading Coal Co., New Bedford]. 55. AN in Spanish pertaining to shipment, Malaga, Sept 9, 1859 56. AN re Ship "Chatterton", James Walker, commander, Aug 13, n.y. 57. AN re Ship "Sicily" in Java, Capt R.(?) C. School 58. AN re Ships "George Clinton" and "Magnolia" 59. AN re Ship "Leopold" from Gothenburg Clearance to sail free of disease for Brig "Two Brothers", Aug 11, 1809 60. Photostatic copy of ALS from [Captain] Thomas M. Pease to Mrs. John Fuller reporting the death of her husband John Fuller on ship [Heroine], Edgartown,[MA], 4/11/1853

Summary note:Ship's Papers without reference to specific ships. ALS from capt. Edward Phipps to J. Rogers Clark & Co. re:voyage, Aug. 5, 1818 Receipt for Bedford Commercial Insurance Co., New Bedford, July 31, 1840 Receipt for Commercial Insurance Co, Nantucket, Oct. 9, 1841 ALS from W. Lovery to William Mitchell, feb. 11, [18]43 Protest for non-pymt of Bill of Exchange, Barker and Athearn, March 11, 1843 ALS to William Mitchell from Allibone and Frubat (?) regarding the price of oil, April 27, 1843 ALS from Colby and Clifford to William Mitchell referring to Elkins' bond, July 26, 1843 Receipted bill for travel expenses by David Joy, May 29, 1843 Schedule of domestic paper belonging to the Pacific Bank, 1843 Premium note from James Athearn and George Myrick to Pacific bank,concerning Ships "Edward Cary" and "Clarkson," Nantucket, Aug. 12, 1844 Protest by Samuel H. Jenks against draft, May 24, 1844 Fragment of letter to parents re: whaling voyage. Off [apien] (sic) bay, Upolu, 20, 1845 James Athearn in account with the Pacific Bank, 1845 (copy sent to C.P. Curtis) Copy of terms of compromise between Barker and Athearn and James Macy regarding the Bottomry Bond. Feb. 10, 1848 ALS from John H. Clifford to William Mitchell referring to the settlement of equity, July 19, 1848 Copy of Pacific Bank receipt to Barker and Athearn, July 27, 1848 Suits pending in Supreme Court concerning Edward H. Parker and the Pacific Bank. July 1848 ALS regarding a hearing in the matter of the Pacific bank and James Athearn, Aug. 1, 1848 Marine Bank, Check for Cash. J.W.R. Wing. New Bedford, July 5, 1849 ALS to William Mitchell from W. W. Hunt, Correction Office, Sag Harbor, Nov. 4, 1869 Telegraph from Bee & Taylor to Laghorn & Cuningham re: anchor. Charleston, March 23, 1857 Receipt signed by James Athearn, Boston, Sept. 6, 1858 List of James Athearn collateral List of notes and contracts with instructions, Colby, n.d. Handwritten second-hand accounts of ships that sailed to the North Pole, cover page missing. List of whaling shipswith [oil taken] n.d. Story relating to Stephen Grilleth sailing from Europe on board a pirate ship. n.d. Instructions for Masters of Ships or other vessels which may arrive in the Ports of Portugal, and adjacent Islands. Printed petition, no signatures to have Pernambuco, Brazil a major port of call for ships. Includes directions for coming into an unnamed port. ALS from Isaiah Green, Collector to Henry Dearborn regarding the safety of Nantucket oil stored in Barnstable. Collector's Office, Barnstable, June 21, 1814 Receipt of Nelson Stone to J. & W.R. Wing & Co., 1860

Summary note:List of Whaling Vessels belonging to and sailing from Nantucket, 1815 - 1870. Keeper: William P. Hiller

Summary note:Nantucket Whaling Ship Catalogue, 1815 - 1851. Keeper: W. C. L'Hommideu

Summary note:Nantucket Whaling Ships, 1815 - 1869. Keeper: [Henry Waite]

Summary note:Notes concerning ships: A. Heaton, Admiral Blake, Ann, Bourbon, Cohannet, Eugenie, F. C. Lockhart, Franconia, Helen, Lyndon, Navigator, Nellie Eaton, Penobscot, Ravola, Serena S. Kendall, Seth W. Smith, Thomas Hix, Three Brothers, Weymouth

Summary note:Commercial Insurance Company minutes, Oct. 26, 1850 to Sept.1, 1871 concerning decisions on company business, particularly on vessel and cargo coverage and claims.

Summary note:List of whalers out of New Bedford. 1902-1925

Map Room, Oversize MS Flat Files
Summary note:"Acushnet" Ship of Fairhaven Shipping List, 1840

Map Room, Oversize MS Flat Files
Summary note:OVERSIZE "Prudence" Ship [New York], Reel 71 1) Permit to pass; David Coffin, Master, May 26, 1815 Signed by James Madison, President, and James Monroe, Secretary of State.

Map Room, Oversize MS Flat Files
Manifest of the ship Camden, 1794

Summary note:Manifest of ship Camden, includes marks and numbers of barrels; chiefly barrels of oil. Signed by Daniel Barney of the port of Sherbourne in the District of Nantucket, October 14, 1794.

Map Room, Oversize MS Flat Files
Summary note:"Essex" Ship: Reel 69 Shipping Paper [Daniel Russell, Master] April 1, 1817. OVERSIZE

Map Room, Oversize MS Flat Files
Summary note:"Island Home" Steamer: Reel 70 Inspection certificate, September 8, 1856, OVERSIZE

Map Room, Oversize MS Flat Files
Summary note:"Thomas" [Boston], reel 72 Shipping paper, 1817-1819; OVERSIZE

Map Room, Oversize MS Flat Files
Directions for the Savarel Course over the Sholes Provisions and weekly bill of fare for Ship "Prince William Henry, Summary note:Provisions and weekly bill of fare for Ship "Prince William Henry," Captain Coffin, n.d.

Map Room, Oversize MS Flat Files
Summary note:ship MONTANO Mediterranean Passport, [Uriah Russell, Master], signed by James Polk, President, and James Buchanan, Secretary of State, Aug. 13, 1845 FOR SUPERVISED RESEARCH ONLY!