Use of the NHA Photograph Collections

The Flickr Commons

NHA's images that are part of The Commons on Flickr are marked "no known copyright restrictions," indicating that the NHA is unaware of any copyright restrictions on the works so designated. Because the photos in our collections were not taken by NHA, we are not in a position to provide advice to users about what uses of our photos are permitted and what uses require you to obtain additional consents.

Even though the images we have uploaded to The Commons on Flickr are in the "public domain" and thus not subject to copyright restrictions, these photos may be subject to other third party rights, such as rights of privacy and rights of publicity. In all instances, you are required to obtain all necessary permissions before using our photos. Please read the copyright statement for more detailed information about these issues.

In general, the photos in our collections are meant to be used for personal, educational or research purposes. It is NHA's policy to charge scaled reproduction fees to obtain a high resolution file for commercial use. These fees help fund our continued efforts to care for our collections. If you are interested in commercial use of our images, please review our policies for photo use.