The Other Islanders

Ethnohistorian Frances Karttunen documents the diversity of Nantucket's population through the centuries. Beginning with the people already resident when English settlement began in 1659, Karttunen chronicles survivals, arrivals, and changes.

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Strangers, Coofs and Washashores

Part I. Nantucket's First People of Color

The Wampanoags

Table of Contents
Part 1. The Ancient Proprietors
Part 2. Coexistence with the English

African Nantucketers

Part 1. Out of Slavery
Part 2. Building Community

Part II. Ocean Islanders

Table of Contents
Part 1. Across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans

Part 2. Portuguese Atlantic Islands
Part 3. To and From Jamaica

Part III. Nantucket and The World's People

Table of Contents
Nantucket and the World's People

Part IV. Coming to Work, Staying to Live

Table of Contents
Coming to Work, Staying to Live

Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Appendix 3
Appendix 4


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