Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I donate an artifact, manuscript, book, or photograph to the Nantucket Historical Association?

The NHA's collection, which is the best collection of Nantucket-related material in the world, has grown to encompass twenty-five historic sites, over 30,000 artifacts, over 400 linear feet of manuscript material and more than 45,000 photographs. The overwhelming majority of these items were gifts to the NHA by Nantucket residents and visitors.

The NHA continues to rely, in large part, upon generous donations of appropriate artifacts, manuscripts, and audiovisual material. We are especially interested in artifacts that are relevant to Nantucket's history, are in stable condition, and have satisfactory provenance, clear title and no restrictions on use.

Donors to the NHA's collection achieve several advantages:

If you own a piece of Nantucket history that you would like to donate to the NHA, please contact us