1745 House Gifts
Airport Grill
All Persons Forbidden
Andy's Diner
Ashley's Market
Barque Restaurant
Barrett's Tours
Blacksmith Shop
Brass Shop
Cady's Food Shop
Canton Hand Laundry
Capt. Folger's Busline
Carpets and Rugs
Cecil N. Russell Plumbing Heating Gas Fitting Jobbing
Chenoweth's Ye Olde Curiosity Shop
Do Not Pick Cranberries
Downyflake Doughnut Shop
Eagle Barber Shop
Easy Street Gallery
Fitchburg House
Fresh Food, Chop Suey, Chow Mein, and Fried Chicken
Geological Survey Mark - Please Do Not Disturb
Gladys Wood Real Estate
Gordon Folger Hotel
Gull Island Inn and the Barn
H. Paddack & Co.
Hither Creek Coffee House
Huntington's Bookstore
Island Fish Market
Island Marine Company
Island Record Shop
Island Sight-Seeing Tours
James T. Worth Choice Liquors
Jenny Lind
Lightship Baskets
Louis J. Clark Antiques
Masonic Club
Mike Todd Builder and General Contractor
Miriam Coffin T House
Mrs. Brown's Ice Cream
Nantucket Auto Service
Nantucket Co.
Nantucket Cottage Hospital
Nautican Realty Co.
Nickanoose Dance Studio
Nobadeer Air Service
North Shore Restaurant
Northeast Airlines
Oriental Bazaar
Parker Art Classes
Pitman House
Police Headquarters
R. L. Mackay
Rainbow Garden
Roberts House
Royal's Bath Houses
S. & H. Green Stamps
Schiappacasse Brothers
Sconset Bus Line & Pease's Garage
Scrimshaw Shop
Sea Cliff Inn
Sherburne Oil
Star Store
Straight Wharf Theatre
Straw Matting and Oil Cloths
Tavern on the Moors
Telegraph Offices
Terry's Garage
Tom Nevers Nantucket Land Trust
Veranda House
Voorneveld's Gardens
Walter Coffin Hardware
Wharfhead Studio
William Holland Groceries
William W. Coffin
Worth House

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