The signs in this exhibition are a gift to the Nantucket Historical Association from Mrs. Florence E. Clifford and her children—Debbi Deeley Culbertson, Dusty Deeley Ramos, and J. Drew Deeley. The signs hung for many years on the walls of the family boatyard on Washington Street Extension. They represent an encapsulated history of life on Nantucket from the late nineteenth up to the late twentieth century. The NHA is profoundly grateful to Mrs. Clifford and her family for this outstanding contribution to the preservation of Nantucket history.

This website was created by Georgen Gilliam Charnes, based on the Galley Guide designed by Eileen Powers/Javatime Design, written by Ben Simons, edited by Elizabeth Oldham. Signs photographed by Jeffrey Allen.

In preparing the guide, every effort has been made to confirm locations, history, and anecdotal contributions. Images from the NHA collection may be viewed in larger format on our Website: Many entries in the guide were based on notes supplied by Frances Ruley Karttunen, from conversations with Eileen McGrath, and from her recent book, The Other Islanders: People Who Pulled Nantucket’s Oars (Skinner Publications, Inc., New Bedford, Mass., 2005), an invaluable resource.

The NHA wishes to thank the following individuals for their invaluable assistance in preparing the exhibition, gallery guide, and film:

Nancy Chase
William Haddon
Prenny Claflin
Kirby Jones
Florence Clifford
Frances Ruley Karttunen
Debbi Deeley Culbertson
Eileen McGrath
Jeanne Dooley Robert and Joy W. McGrath
Dan Driscoll
Robert F. Mooney
Jane Hardy
Charles Pearl
Joan Fisher
Francis Pease
Jack and Suzanne Gardner
Dusty Deeley Ramos
Tom Giffin
Reginald Reed
Elizabeth and John Gilbert
Julie Reinemo
Ruth Chapel Grieder
John and Marianne Stanton
Robert “Pit” Grimes
David Wood
Mary and Al Novissimo
Frances MacDonald


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