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The Andrew Pinkham / Stackpole Collection (MS486), of which these letters are a small part, includes Pinkham family correspondence, the journals of Alexander Pinkham and Adolphus Pinkham, and a book of verse by Reuben R. Pinkham. Correspondence is primarily between members of the Pinkham family including a large number of letters of the sons Reuben R. Pinkham, from Nantucket and at sea, and Alexander B. Pinkham, chiefly at sea, to their parents Andrew and Deborah Pinkham, in Bethel, Cincinnati; and correspondence from the father to these sons.

These letters were donated by the Stackpole family and were collected by their father, Edouard Stackpole, and by Cincinnati historian Marie Dickore over many years. Dickore began collecting materials in 1945, with her acquistion of letter saved by Eva marie Schubert, a great granddaughter of Andrew Pinkham. She also salvaged some letters from the family farm; unfortunately, in 1882, much of the valuable family papers, letters, journals, and clippings were "cleaned out" and burnt by a family acquaintance.