Mission statement:

The Nantucket Historical Association (NHA) tells the inspiring stories of Nantucket through its collections, programs, and properties.

Nantucket Historical Association Strategic Plan

Goal I: Programs
The NHA will design and deliver engaging, artifact-based educational exhibitions, programs and activities pertaining to Nantucket history and its material culture.  Strategies for this include enhancing our interpretive programs at our historic properties, promoting our exhibition and program schedules, and encouraging and monitoring participation in our programs by the community.

Goal II: Collections & Properties
The NHA will develop and manage its collections, including its properties, in order to enhance its role as a leader in preserving and interpreting Nantucket history. Strategies for this goal include continuing to document our collections and properties, expanding access to collections, and continuing to build collections that capture the history of Nantucket Island and its people.

Goal III: Audiences & Access
The NHA will reach out and serve diverse audiences as a year-round organization. Strategies include developing programs, both contemporary and historical, that reflect, respect and engage the diversity of Nantucket residents, and promoting these programs year-round.           

Goal IV: Organizational Effectiveness
The NHA will secure and prudently manage the human and financial resources required to support its mission and strategic plan; it will promote policies that enhance its programs, its collections, including properties, and its reputation.